February 28 th


New- Kathy Steventon Art to benefit JERAS!

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Kathy Steventon art to benefit JERAS!
We  are so excited to be chosen by well known artist Kathy Steventon, who has generously offered to donate 50% of the proceeds of this painting if it sells via JERAS. Called “Wild Spirit Calling II”, it measures 26” x 36”, is framed in a simple black contemporary frame, and is oil on canvas. Priced in a gallery at $2200,  is now up for sale via JERAS at $1800. Kathy will pay shipping. Kathy’s work sells in galleries, on her web site and at art shows. She was also in the April 2007 edition of Southwest Art magazine in their “Start Your Collection” series. They endorsed her work as an animal artist whose work would be a good investment, besides the beauty of the art. http://www.steventonart.com/statements-bios.htm

Wild Spirit Calling II

Thank you, Kathy!

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  1. HELEN CLAWSON says:

    Nice art, is there something with cats.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    I think she does all animals, but this its the piece that would benefit us. You can Google her to see her work. Thanks!

  3. Steven Koelling says:

    Amazing work. As Michael in the comment above says this is really art that needs to be framed and exhibeted in spacious gallery. Hope to see this work in Germany once.

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