February 13 th


What keeps me going- good news & gratitude

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If you want to know what keeps me going, it is being able to help people and animals. It is especially nice when someone sends good news & gratitude .  Yesterday, I was ready to have a meltdown when a Facebook friend admonished me for running a sanctuary  in the desert. He suggested I pack up all 25 animals and move to Oklahoma where hay is cheaper. Well, hay here was 1/3 the price just a few years ago. Az. grows plenty of hay, but is exporting too much to Asia. Americans are competing with Asia & the Middle East and they are willing to pay up to $500 a ton for hay that cost us $140 a ton just a few years ago. In fact, hay in Texas is even higher than here, due to the drought.

I can’t even go out in public with my severe MCS, never mind move. Furthermore, our animals ( and myself) are safe here from ticks, mosquitoes and fleas. Almost all the horses tested for Lyme antibodies in the midwest come up positive. Our Kola came from Ok. with Lyme and other problems and it took me years to get her healthy. We don’t have to use any pesticides (which would kill me, anyway) nor do we have to use heartworm prevention or vaccinate for mosquito or tick-borne disease. THIS is where JERAS belongs!

On top of that, I have been struggling with flare ups of several conditions and dealing with extra pain and malaise. So, having someone tell me to move the  entire operation really did not make me at all happy. I was pretty angry.

However, this morning I received the following messages on Facebook, which made me realize I cannot stay away from my Fb contacts, even though a few can be really annoying. Most of my Fb friends and JERAS supporters are intelligent & compassionate people and I am grateful for that. Here were the messages:

“Just want you to know – you may have saved my female coon dog’s life. She has been a raving bitch for 6 months. We were going to put her down this Weds. but now we are going to have her tested for thyroid problems. She has several of the symptoms. We just thought she had a stroke and was nuts. So lucky for her I found you! “– Judy Cubel

“Catherine, This is an update on the hounds. Whisper has been rescued by a rescue in another state – Louisiana I think. I’m going to take Katie. The Humane Society will hold her until Friday for me. So many people responded to your plea for help that I doubt I will have any problems finding a ride for her to Lubbock. I can meet a transporter in Lubbock. Now it’s just a matter of my being able to get away from work long enough to get her “bail out” money sent.  None of this could have happened without your help and I sincerely thank you”.  – Denise Elaine Auchmoedy-Bundy

So, it looks like I helped save a couple of hound dogs and I am happy I was able to do so. “Katie”  was emailed to me and I posted her and another Texas hound all over Facebook. When Denise said she wanted her, I did all I could to help find transport to her in New Mexico.

I am sure Judy’s dog will come up as low thyroid, and if she does, fixing her temperament problems will be as easy as two pills a day. Praying that it will be the answer for them.






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  1. Marilyn Geraghty says:

    Dear Cath,
    I knew you would never give up, what has it been about 47 years that we have know each other and you are not nor have ever been a quitter. I really do not know how you do it all alone but you do. The testimonials from those you help speak for themselves. Please take care of yourself. Love you always.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you! I am too stubborn to give up! I love you a bunch, Ma!

  3. Monica Wilson says:

    Cathy – don’t let one ass get you down! You do so much for EVERYONE.

    I worry about yourself getting down but if anyone is going to take care of things, it is you.


  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    I just don’t like an ignoramus telling me what to do. LOL. Thank you!

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