March 23 rd


JERAS Doggie News

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We had quite an experience in the past 10 days with taking in a 7 year old Shar Pei from a group in L.A. They had her 3 months and, although the kennel where she was boarded were feeding her huge amounts of food and she was losing weight, no one suspected  food allergies. In addition, no one saw the rather large tumor on her leg. I discovered it the day after she arrived.We got the digestive issues on the right track -she needed a gluten-free, low allergen diet. Despite having just been spayed and being taken to adoption events, no one saw the probably cancerous, probable mast cell tumor on her elbow. How a vet could have a dog tied to the surgery table and not see the big tumor on her elbow, sticking up at him or her, is beyond belief. JERAS agreed to deal with surgery & biopsy & the Pei people  collected funds for her, which was very generous. However, when I introduced her to Bear and then Missy,  she attacked them out of jealousy when she saw them come to me for attention.. I could not risk our dogs, even though I had already fallen in love with “Dali” the Pei. We all decided she should go back to Ca. Then, the transporter fell in love with her….so he & his wife offered to adopt her! Dali is now back with them in Phoenix area and all her funds went to them. She will see their vet Sunday. They run a 501c3 rescue and I know & trust them. Whatever happens, she at least will have the love & attention she needs. I am praying it will turn out to be a benign histiocytoma and not a mast cell tumor, which are especially aggressive in Shar Peis.

Dali the shar pei

Then, JERAS got a call on Wednesday  3/21 from our local Animal Control asking us to take a heeler/beagle mix or she would be PTS that day. So now, “Pippy Longstocking” is here, with kennel cough  & in isolation. She’s a great dog! She still needs to be spayed as soon as she gets over the cough. Her red hair & freckles reminded me of Pippy, thus the name. A girl who works at the local AC had found her with her grown pup as strays & fostered her a few days before taking her to the shelter. She likes other dogs and is very cheerful. Pippy was here 6 days and I was having severe chemical reactions to her even outdoors. I realized I needed to place her in a hurry, and started networking locally. Out friend and supporter, Billie, found a local surgeon who wanted a second dog. This doctor’s life revolves around her animals and her current dog even goes to “doggie daycare” at her friend’s home.  Pippy will have a great life with her. We are thrilled for Pippy! In the near future, I will see about taking in a “hard to place dog” from the local no-kill group we belong to. They house their dogs outdoors and do not use toxic (to me) chemicals on their animals or premises.

Pippy Longstocking


We also helped save several other dogs from our county shelter by aggressively networking them this week. So, in the end, the doggie news was good news.

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  1. Linda Bain says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Dalis aggression and the tumor! Hope all that works out well, and her new family are happy. WTG with Pippy, that was always one of my favorite storeys too.
    Take it easy my Friend, around the Stud muffin especially!
    I’ll send again when I get extra..Bye for now

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thanks! Knickers is wearing his hooves very nicely with the miles of walking he does, so I have just been feeding him and staying out of his way. I had not thought of Pippy Longstocking in about 40 years, but this girl just reminded me of the red headed, freckle-faced adventurer. LOL! Dali was supposed to see the vet today with Pam & Glenn, am waiting to hear what they said.

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