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JERAS Newsletter March 2, 2012

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Here is the JERAS Newsletter March 2, 2012.

February was a rough month at JERAS. On the 18th, I was trimming Knickers’ feet and he started to resist my handling his hind feet, which is understandable, because he seems to have some pain in his hind end- not surprising after 10 years of neglect and standing in a 10 foot pen. I finally got the “mustang roll” on them and picked up my homemade anti-infective hoof spray bottle. Well, I went to pick up a foot to spray it and the next thing I knew, I had a severe blow to the chest & abdomen- he got me with both barrels and was lightening fast. I went down and honestly thought I might be about to die. It was hard to breathe and the pain was severe, but I realized I needed to get his halter off and get out of the corral. I managed that and then slowly made my way to the house where I called Bonnie, our Vice President and my close friend. She stayed on the phone for about 1/2 hour until I was sure I was able to get some decent breaths. Going to the hospital is not an option because of my severe MCS (multiple chemical sensitivities), so I am on my own with any injuries. It is now 2 weeks later and I am just beginning to feel halfway functional. I have done no hoof trimming in 2 weeks and now I am behind, but using a rasp is too painful now and the horses are going to have to wait another week or so. Their feet are not long by most standards, but in the Natural Hoof care world, we like to keep them trimmed so there is no excess hoof wall at all to cause pain and distortion due to “peripheral loading”.

My favorite Natural Hoof Care practitioner  is Pete Ramey and he has a great website.

Video of Knickers this week, feeling very frisky. He seems to be doing great on the donated CoolStance, too.

We sadly lost, Tara, out beautiful Siberian Husky, to a fast growing cancer. We had tried for 2 years to get her away from a neighbor who had severely neglected her for 10 years. He finally let her come here in Jan. 2010 when she was nearly dead. To read her story, please see the blog about her.

Tara and Rainy

She has left a huge void here and we all miss her gentle and quiet presence.


We had the backhoe come to prepare two places for the horse shelter and hay shed that the much-appreciated Pepsi Refresh grant is covering for phase one of the grant. We have our building permits and now are just waiting for the company to come  and install them in the next few weeks.

With an 18 by 30 foot hay shed, we can try to buy in bulk to save money. I am currently searching the internet for cheaper hay in other states and finally found a company which may be able to haul it at an affordable cost. We are now paying $400 a ton for hay here that was $200 a ton a year ago. We are spending over $1000 a month on just hay and it has depleted our hay funds from the fall hay drive. We want to thank our regular donors and our the new supporters who have recently joined the JERAS family. You are the only reason I can do the work of caring for these animals, as I cannot borrow any more to support the sanctuary.

We are proud to be one of a handful of Equine Rescues Licensed in Arizona. We take in homeless horses and burros and give them a good life. Our support comes from generous people like you. Could you sponsor a horse, burro or other precious animal? Every little bit helps! I work 16 hour days and don’t get paid a cent. My property houses our 24 rescues at no cost to the sanctuary… we are struggling with hay prices doubled… Please support the small, honest, hard working organizations. We need to come up with a lot of $$ for hay, > $10,000 by summer if we are to get thru to then and get a semi load to save $ in the long run. Every bit helps!



By networking, we were able to help save 5 dogs in the past 3 weeks. One was a coonhound in Texas that I posted on Facebook. A Fb friend in New Mexico wanted her. The Texas shelter let us “pull” the dog at no charge and the shelter and another person helped get her flown to Denise in New Mexico. Katie was a handful at first, but settled in over a fews days and has a fantastic, loving home now.

Katie the coonhound

Two of the other dogs were seniors on death row in shelters who were saved due to emails I blasted out. The fourth dog was a diabetic Doxie I heard about yesterday at our vet’s. His owner was dealing with family illness and could no longer keep the dog. He was scheduled for euthanasia today, but I called a Dachshund rescuer I know from Facebook and he was saved! The fifth was a Weimaraner I saw on an Az. kill shelter website and I sent the info to Las Vegas Weimaraner rescue and they went and got him and say he is a great dog….Networking works. It takes a little effort, but it saves precious lives.

We have a chance to receive $900 from the sale of a great painting, should it sell via our efforts.

Thank you, Kathy Steventon!

All the other 24 animals here are fine. Esperanza is huge, but burros take their time to decide when the baby should be born.


Please share our newsletters and please consider helping us by becoming a donor.

Thank you!

Cathy & the Gang at JERAS

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  1. Kathleen Green says:

    Hi, Cathy:

    I enjoyed your newsletter. It’s sad about Tara. But she did have joy, peace, and love with you over the last two years. Why are some people so cruel. How would they like to be treated that way? Katie is a dumpling. What a card!! I’m glad she’s happy in her new home. Knickers is a handsome guy. Sorry he belted you. He just blew not knowing how else to react. He certainly wouldn’t have hurt you deliberately.

    Wow, surviving that blow was miraculous. You’re giving is getting you brownie points with the Universe.

    I struggle with my heart, but it hasn’t put me in the hospital yet.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Kathleen! I will be more careful in the future, believe me! I, too, cannot comprehend how some people can be so heartless… thank God there are a lot of us to balance things out. Take care of yourself! <3

  3. Darcy says:

    Glad to hear you are okay after the kick, keep care of yourself Cat (Sis)

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    I am getting there, but I read you can die up to 10 years after a blow to the chest.. LOL….I have a long wait & see period. Love, you, Sis!

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