May 15 th


Hay Arrives at JERAS

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Hay arrives at JERAS-

Yesterday, our semi-load  of Idaho hay arrived  at 8 AM. We had arranged for 4 men to be here from Manpower to unload and  stack it, but only 2 showed up. The truck driver offered to help, so we paid him to do so and one young man’s father came back and helped, too. Altogether, it took 13 man-hours to unload and stack all the hay. The shed is pretty much full and there is a small stack on pallets outside, under a tarp. About 10 bales broke open, so there is a pile of loose hay which we are using up first and should be gone within a week. We are still feeding both the Az. bermuda grass hay and the new hay, to acclimate the animals to the new diet. They like the new hay better.

JERAS is extremely grateful to all our supporters for providing us with the means to make this purchase, saving us considerable money over the next 7 or so months. We cannot thank you enough!

hay arrives at JERAS

Hay shed is full!




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