June 3 rd


Fungus Amongus!

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I just spent an hour bathing Big Rusty and Penny and treating their skin and hooves. Both arrived with “rain rot” and thrush- fungus infections of the skin & hooves. Rusty literally had  almost no hair on his face 2 months ago and his legs and back were peeling off. His skin is now healed and hair is growing back. Penny arrived last week and has moderate thrush in her feet and pretty severe rain rot on her hind legs. Her skin and hair just peeled off as I was scrubbing her legs. After rinsing them, I used my anti-fungal concoction on their feet and and Penny’s legs. The recipe is on our Horse Health page.

Both horses came from homes where they were “loved”, but, I hate to say it, love is not enough.. Rusty had been fed an enormous amount of rice bran which is high in sugar and sugars only feed fungus infections. Both had been seen recently by farriers and neither farrier saw the infections or the pathological problems with the underside of their hooves..I have to say, I get really frustrated with the way most horses are “cared for”.  With all the information on the internet, there are no excuses for poor management, in my opinion. Sorry, but I just hate to see animals suffering.

At any rate, Rusty and Penny are madly in love and  gaining needed weight and  are healing. Penny will get her teeth taken care of this week by our vet, which will make her more comfortable and able to chew more efficiently. I am happy they both came to JERAS, as they needed some TLC.

Penny & Big Rusty


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  1. Stacey Foy says:

    They are just beautiful! They are blessed to now be in your loving care!
    Stacey Foy

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Stacey! It is so heartwarming to see them following each other everywhere… a match made in heaven!

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