June 12 th


Rambeau gets a makeover and other news

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Rambeau arrived here last year with old wool that had never shed out and would not brush out. Barbados sheep should shed out like goats do, but he did not. We had the mobile dog groomer out today to help. I gave him a little tranquilizer, but he was still not too cooperative. I scissored him and Laura used her clippers on his front end. He only allowed scissors on his rear.  I hosed him off when we were done because he was hot from struggling. He looks better and is much cooler now.

Rambeau before

The new, improved Rambeau

I washed Big Rusty and Penny off and they really enjoyed it. Most of the mustangs get a daily hosing. They line up begging to be sprayed as I am filling the water troughs.

Penny & Big Rusty

Rhonda began running a fever Saturday night, after her dental extractions Friday. They had given her a penicillin injection, but apparently she had resistant bacteria. I started her on Keflex Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon, her fever was gone and she was eating again. She can only have soft food for 10 days. Her mouth was a mess, from years of neglect. She had 7-8 teeth pulled.



We had vet bills of $800 last week- the dental/ranch call for Penny, Carson’s blood work and Rhonda’s dental. Next week, we will have an $800 feed delivery. We have lost a few monthly donors  this month. Any help is greatly needed and appreciated. Thank you.

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