June 16 th


Third Pepsi Refresh Grant Shed Is Up!

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The third Pepsi Refresh grant shed is up!

This afternoon, the crew from Interstate Carports arrived and, within a few hours, had our last shed installed. They did a great job. As soon as I finish putting up insulators on the T-posts, run the electric tape and wire and add a few sheets of OSB to the inside walls of the shed, I’ll be able to move the two old domestic horses (Big Rusty and Penny) over to the new 3 acre paddock and the 6 mustangs will get their full 5 acres back. Hopefully, that will happen within 5 days or so, depending on how much working in the heat I can take and how much spare time I can find.

The Pepsi Refresh contest was fun, but grueling, last January. Many of our friends and fans voted daily, enabling us to finish within the top 15 contenders for a $10,000 grant. We feel very blessed to have received this grant, as it gave us 2 horse shelters, a big hay shed, fenced more acreage and purchased about $900 of feed.

We have been able to take in 3 more burros and 3 more horses since January. Now, our challenge to to keep enough support coming in to continue feeding & caring for our 9 horses, 5 burros, 10 dogs, a pig and a sheep. Any help is greatly needed and very much appreciated.

Our third Pepsi Refresh grant shed

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