August 5 th


New Video from JERAS

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New video from JERAS- today, August 5. Had a tremendous breakthrough with Windy. She was abused in Mexican rodeo and has been here since January 2010. She only has let me touch her twice before- voluntarily…and very briefly. Today, she let me stroke her!

Windy, used for horse tripping and then saved from slaughter

I let Pepito back out with the jennies and he was very good with Florencia, the 6 week old baby.

Florencia at 6 weeks old

Cheyenne is getting along with the other musatngs. Her bite from attacking Scout is healing fast.



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  1. Deby Zimmerman says:

    What a place you have…Florencia is SUCH a sassy little thing, and SO ADORABLE!!!! Pepito is really a cool fellow, and nice to see him getting along now with Florencia…but the topper was watching Windy stand there and give you her trust to pet her like you did…what a thrill that had to be!!! I don’t know what you do or have on your camera, but you have the most excellent video to watch…no bouncing, jiggling, or out of frame shots at all!!! When you move the picture just glides along…wonderful to watch!!! How long have you had Wilbur??? Can tell his first owners knew absolutely NOTHING about pigs in general or they would have removed those tusks for safety sake…granted, he’s most likely a real gentleman here with you, but most hogs KNOW those are lethal weapons and I’m surprised, if you got him as an abuse case, that someone wasn’t seriously harmed by them…. I’ve seen a boar use those teeth one time, and the guy he went after was SERIOUSLY LUCKY He was wearing overalls and they were baggy, because instead of laying his gut wide open, he came away with just a red scrape mark….that boar was a full grown Duroc and fast as greased lightening….scared me to death…but the guy was pushing him to hard and got what he deserved really…..the clincher and the attack was when the boar got hot shotted right in his testicles….this was at a sale yard back in Enumclaw, Wa. and I worked there for awhile….saw WAY to much abuse for my liking and NOBODY cared back then….I tried to rescue what I could tho….but that boar was one I couldn’t because I had nothing that would hold him at my house….made me sick to know he was doomed to the killers…. Pigs and donkeys…two of THE SMARTEST animals EVER!!! Love them both!!!

  2. Karin Damron says:

    Wow Catherine
    Thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie…
    Brought a big smile to my face.. Cant wait to come for
    a visit

  3. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thanks, Karin! Would love to meet you and Shad!

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Deb. Someone really hated my bouncy video of the Cerbat wild horses the other day, so your comments are nice! LOL! I was thrilled about Windy and so glad I had the camera with me. I hope she will continue to become more trusting. Wilbur is intact, 12 plus years old…he slashed my jeans once when he was young. I trim his one tusk yearly & last year he let me do it without restraining him. I only take off the one that grows back around into his face. He has severe abuse issues and can’t be handled except for tummy rubs. He can be sweet or quite aggressive, I just watch my step! Here is his story. He has a large tumor now, but still feels OK, so I hope he has some quality time left. I am very attached to him after almost 12 years. When I was younger, I attended some horse & livestock auctions… usually pretty terrible, albeit interesting, places. You must have seen a lot!

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