October 13 th


Warrior Mustang

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Warrior mustang

We received an email last week from a contact in Ca. regarding a 23 year old, abused mustang who was confiscated by the authorities and risked being put to sleep. He was at a municipal animal shelter. We networked him via emails and Facebook, but no one was interested. We began talking with a Donna, a shelter volunteer who was very concerned about him. We contacted a great transporter we know, Celso Rubio. Celso does a lot of trips between Las Vegas and S. Ca. He offered a greatly reduced price because this horse has had a rough life and needs to get to a sanctuary. Yesterday, our friend, Christine Griffin, drove the 2 hours from Ramona to Riverside to get “Warrior” as we are calling him. He will be with her for a week or two pending transport. She is an equine dental tech and will give him a thorough dental while he is there. In the meantime, we are putting up an isolation pen so he has a place when he arrives, while we make sure he is healthy and where we can work with him a little to acclimate him  to his new home and probably work on his hooves. We want to thank everyone involved in saving him- Donna, Jen and Christine. He had also come into the shelter with an Arab X and Jen has taken that horse to rehab and rehome.

Warrior, the mustang

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