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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter April 3, 2013

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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter April 3, 2013

March was a busy month at JERAS. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather. We were busy with routine animal care, hoof trimming and networking animals in need. Honey gets to go for a long walk every evening and gets very excited when she sees a rabbit. I have to run so that she can “chase” them. Her records show that she spent most of her 11 years locked in a backyard, laundry room or small pen. We are trying to give her some enjoyment now, albeit late in life. She really enjoys watching the burros and chewing on bones and rawhide, too.

Honey looking for bunnies

The horses and burros started shedding very early this year. We hope that does not mean we are in for a long, hot summer! Julio is getting big and rambunctious and will be gelded this month. He likes to aggravate his poor mother, Nina.


We were able to get 12 tons of bermuda grass hay for $290 a ton, delivered & stacked in the shed. The feed store price is now about $410 a ton, so we saved quite a bit. We are also getting a new brand of alfalfa cubes which are higher quality and less expensive, saving us about $60 a month.


Carson won a spot in the Furever Rescued calendar for 2014! We want to thank everyone who voted for him. He is doing well, still on low dose antibiotics and his tooth abscess seems to be in “remission”.



Now, we are in a new contest that can win funds for JERAS. Please vote for Carson at this link    http://bit.ly/11iLggG       Thank you!

We had the mobile groomer out to give Bear & Maggie their spring haircuts.





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The vet will be out this month to geld Julio and do blood draws on Patty and Honey, who need their thyroid levels rechecked. Gelding alone will cost about $275. We want to thank all our supporters for their help, because you are the lifeblood of JERAS.


Cathy & the Gang


Windy, rescued from slaughter in 2009

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  1. Kathleen Green says:

    Love hearing from you about the Ranch. Nina is a very tolerant mother. She was really taking Julio’s pestering pretty well. He’s a little doll baby and a real character. Just an adorable, spoiled little boy. I think it’s great the boys can get together to play and have some roughneck time. LOL.

    You really did get a bargain on Hay. Way to go! I’m getting ready to put my offer on a 3 1/2 acre horse ranch in corrales. Has a barn for 10 horses. Look forward to helping raise some money for you this Spring. You’re a real crack up as a video commentor. You really bring out the animals personalities and speak for them with words that match what they are thinking.

    By the way, Julio appears to be your typically little brat. What a little bug a boo he is. Again, soooooo adorable.

    Luv ya, as always

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    thanks, Kat! That ranch in NM sounds fantastic! Keep us posted! Love, Cathy

  3. Deborah Simpson says:

    YA – HOO!! Carson won a spot in the Furever Rescued calendar for 2014!

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thanks, Deb!!!

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