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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary June 3, 2013 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary June 3, 2013 Newsletter

The desert summer weather has arrived, making life a bit uncomfortable for all of us, but we have ways of coping. When I water the horses at noon, some of them line up to be hosed off and I sometimes feel like a worker at a car wash. The dogs spend a lot of time in the house taking advantage of the A/C. Wilbur, the mini pig, takes a daily mud bath.

We are celebrating the third anniversary of Carson’s arrival. He was an old, ill, injured dog on death row and death’s doorstep in a Los Angeles shelter 3 years ago. I saw his pathetic picture on Facebook late one night. A lot of people were concerned, but no one was offering him a home. We did, and with the help of others, he was pulled from the shelter, taken to the vet, boarded a few days and transported to us. In these 3 years, he has survived & overcome the broken carpus, starvation and pneumonia he arrived with, plus Addison’s disease, a broken ear, a lymph node abscess and a carnassial tooth abscess. Carson is fearful and aggressive towards strangers, so we have had to manage and treat him at home, usually with just advice from our vet. With me, he is very devoted and loving. Carson has a huge personality and has many fans. He will be included in the 2014 Furever Rescued calendar and also we were told his picture will be included on the new Great Nonprofits banner. We love Carson so much and feel very honored.

Carson in the shelter, May 2010

Carson, Nov. 2, 2011

Our local pair of ravens nest about 1/2 mile away. Every year, they raise young. In their frenzy to acquire enough food to feed them, they usually gather road kill rabbits. The problem is that they have brought the rabbit parts here to dunk them in our water troughs, to soften them up. This contaminates the water and I have ended up dumping and scrubbing many tubs over the past few years. This year, I made a pact with the ravens which seems to be working. I give them as much dry dog food as they want, and they have stopped bringing dead rabbits here. Sometimes a skinny little coyote shows up to eat some of the food the birds miss. The young ravens should be leaving the nest any day now, and we will stop feeding them, because the parents will be taking them out to teach them to find their own food.


We took in a mare with a shoulder or maybe elbow problem 9 days ago. The history we have so far is that she was adopted from a rescue, then went through about 4 homes since last year. We are trying to find out if her problem is an old one or a newer injury. At any rate, she was being given away on Craig’s List and that put her at high risk of ending up going to auction and slaughter. “Kill buyers” will often pose as nice people looking for a family horse, only to fool people into giving them an animal which they then make a fast profit on by sending them to slaughter.

We are calling her “Sienna”. She is a Quarter Horse and about 11 years old and very sweet. Her hooves were infected and after soaking them in a hoof disinfectant, she actually “shed” all 4 frogs. Our friend Anne (http://www.animalbodyworker.com ) had also been worried about Sienna and has offered to do body work on her and helped me trim her hooves, too. We are hoping that between body work, proper trimming and exercise, Sienna may be able to recover. She is living with the 3 old horses and Big Rusty has fallen madly in love with her to the point of being quite comical.The first two days were exciting, as Warrior and Rusty decided they would act like stallions, vying for Sienna’s attention. Warrior and Penny have now paired up, so we have 2 pairs of lovebirds.


This video shows how crazy the old guys were acting, but no one was hurt in the process and all is calm and peaceful now. We believe in allowing horses the freedom to engage in natural behavior. Room to move about and the companionship of other horses is very important for their mental & physical wellbeing.





Mochaloca has recovered from her back injury, but will no longer be allowed to chase rabbits. She and Maggie do get to go for a daily walk on leashes. Maggie used to be allowed off leash, as she will come when called, but she now has some dementia and perhaps”selective hearing’, so must be kept on a leash for her own safety. She is still very lively & rambunctious at 12 years old.

Julio is doing great after being gelded in late April. He and Florencia are great pals, and he is almost as big as she is, despite the fact she is 5 months older. We are thankful that both babies have sponsors which will allow us to keep them. Our 3 older jennies were all separated from their offspring in their earlier lives, so now they all get to stay bonded with their final babies. All 3 arrived here pregnant. We do not generally approve of breeding with all the already unwanted or homeless animals out there. Serena gave birth to Jovita in 2004 and they are very attached to each other.

Jovita & Serena

Esperanza and Florencia sharing lunch


JERAS feels that it is very important to provide a HAPPY home for unwanted animals. We have seen too many situations where animals are merely “warehoused”, with minimal human attention and lack of opportunity to play and interact with other animals. We strongly feel that just keeping an animal alive is not enough..they must be provided with what they need to have a truly joyful life. We also know that animals form strong bonds with one another, and we  respect & nurture these animal relationships.

As always, we want to thank our supporters for enabling us to provide a safe home for more than 30 animals. Without your donations, we would not exist.


Cathy and the Gang


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  1. cousin Sara says:

    Always uplifting to read what’s happening at The Ranch! You inspire me.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Sara! <3 you!

  3. Christine, EqWBR says:

    Sienna will love it there.

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thanks, Christine. She seems happy… all 4 of them are moving around a lot and Rusty is wild about her.

  5. Lisa K says:

    You are amazing and an inspiration, A.B. Love you and my whole AZ gang/family xoxo

  6. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Lisa! Hope all is well in Ct.! <3

  7. Monica says:

    love the videos!

    Everyone looks healthy and happy (even poor Rusty! LOL!)

  8. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thanks, Monica! All is peaceful now and the 2 geldings are hanging out together and the mares have bonded..Rusty had a bath today, which he loves… 🙂

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