August 9 th


Hay Funds Drive!

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Hay Funds Drive!


Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary was very blessed in 2012 when we won 2 sizable grants, thanks to our friends & fans voting for us. One grant allowed us to put up 3 buildings for hay storage and shelter, plus fence more acreage. Because of that, we were able to provide a safe home for an additional 4 horses and 3 burros. The other grant has helped us pay off feed debt, buy more feed and cover other expenses for our 31 animals.



We have the opportunity to get enough high quality hay at a very good price ($230 a ton) to last us until next year’s harvest. It is teff hay and tested much lower in NSC (“sugars”) than the other hay available in our area. A few of our mustangs arrived borderline IR (insulin resistant) and this hay is much safer for them to eat. We provide a safe and happy home to 8 mustangs, 8 wild burros and 4 old or disabled domestic horses.


As always, all donations go directly into animal care- feed, supplies and veterinarian. I do not get paid and my property houses the sanctuary at no cost to it. You can see our reviews here-

We have received 2012 and  2013 Top-Rated Award from GreatNonprofits


We are short $2000 to be able to make the purchase. If we can raise this amount, we will be able to buy enough hay to get us to June of 2014. We have not had a hay drive in year. We have lost some regular monthly donations and despite having 6000 fans, our donor base remains at about 100 donors. This is great hay at a very reasonable price, so we hope you will help us reach our goal.


Thank you.

Cathy & the Gang


You can donate here or mail donations to:

Journey’s End Ranch

3085 East Prairie Hill Rd.

Kingman, Az. 86409


Windy enjoying a run

UPDATE- Aug. 15-

We are in a contest to try and win a $5000 grant. Please help.

Please vote for us and vote daily until Aug. 25. Thank you!


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