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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter August 2, 2013

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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter August 2, 2013

It has been so hot here in Arizona, with temps in the high 90’s and 100’s…but we enjoy 9 months of fantastic, temperate  climate, so this is the price we pay. The equines are drinking twice as much as they do in winter and just keeping the water troughs and dog’s bowls filled with clean, fresh water takes up a lot of time.

We have gotten more than 2 inches of rain from our summer monsoon and some grass is growing. The wet weather makes hooves grow faster and I spent some time every day this month trimming hooves. Everyone is caught up. We have two horses with whom I had been battling hoof infections for a long time. They would look fine, but infections would show up with wet weather. We just started using this very safe, silver product a few weeks ago and we are very, very impressed. I have severe chemical sensitivities and it does not bother me.  These 2 horses have frogs which are already looking much healthier.    It is a hospital disinfectant, but professional hoof trimmers are using it.

Thanks again to Gwenyth Santagate and her Penzance Natural Hoof Care page on Facebook. She and the other experts I have met there are coaching me and enabling me to help our rescued horses who arrived with distorted/imbalanced hooves. I am studying Gwen’s fantastic book.

Beautiful Florencia at 13 months old


Now that it has been a year since Esperanza gave birth to Flo, she has finally lost her big belly and has gained muscle mass on her back. She probably had carried foals year after year and never had a chance to recover. All three of our BLM burro jennies arrived here already pregnant, and their offspring were able to remain here thanks to generous sponsors. They are very attached to one another.


We got 1.5 inches of rain in one hour on July 19. It was a real blessing.




ONLY 8 days left to get two great books, signed by the author- Auction ends Aug. 10

These are wonderful books!
We are hosting a Silent Auction of 1 personally signed copy of “A Dog’s Purpose” and the sequel “A Dog’s Journey” from New York Times and USA Today Best Seller, W. Bruce Cameron! Please help our sanctuary by placing a bid on this post below or you can email us with “books” in the subject line > & be sure we reply! . (current bid is $50) Also, be sure to “Like” his page!

Sienna, the Quarter Horse mare who arrived lame 2 months ago is no longer limping and has responded well to hoof trims to balance her feet, natural living conditions, joint supplements, exercise & a better diet.


Mochloca, our dog who injured her back in April, was kept confined for the past 6 weeks, with nightly walks on a leash. She is now off the anti-inflammatory medication and is back with the other dogs. So far, she has been OK and we are happy about that.

We are very grateful and happy to have won the Great Nonprofits 2013 award! Thank you for the great reviews!

We now have a resident gopher snake and are happy, because they eat rodents and keep rattlers away. However, it seems determined to scare me to death. One day, I was pouring dog food into a canister by the door to the feed shed and here he comes, zipping right between my legs on his way to a rodent hole that goes under the shed. It was early in the morning and that woke me up fast!

It was a great pleasure to meet a Facebook friend and JERAS supporter this month. I met Barbara Mansfield when we were in the process of saving Carson who’s pathetic picture was posted to Facebook in May 2010. She had taken her grandkids on a trip West and they were able to stop by and say hello and to meet Carson. Carson does not like strangers and was a bit rude, but Barb did not mind. We are forever grateful to the people who helped him come to us. Despite many health challenges and his age, he continues to amaze us with his enthusiasm and joy of living.

Carson May 2010 and January 2011

We were very blessed to win a Chase grant last year, but after getting in a good supply of hay, our bank acct. is pretty low and we, unfortunately, have lost about $300 a month in regular donations. We still have a monthly feed bill and occasional vet bills. Patty, the old basenji mix, was just diagnosed with pannus, an autoimmune eye condition. The first 2 bottles of eye drops cost $100 from the vet. We were able to find them at half price online, for her future needs. She will need to use them for the rest of her life. I do a lot of the vetting myself and my doing the hoof trimming saves hundreds of dollars a month. My property houses the sanctuary at no cost to it and I pay the utilities. I do not get paid and I put any spare personal funds into the sanctuary. Because of our remote location and my chemical sensitivities, we have no volunteers and I care for 31 animals myself. But, you can help by becoming a supporter. We really need to widen our donor base so that these health-challenged, unwanted, formerly abused and abandoned animals will always have a safe and secure home. Also, if you should hear of any available grants or contests, please let us know. Thank you!

We are in a contest to try and win a $5000 grant. Please help.

Please vote for us and vote daily until Aug. 25. Thank you!


Cathy & the Gang

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  1. Heather Roark says:

    Greetings Cathy!

    I hope this email finds you well. I enjoy your monthly newsletter very much. I have kept the Thank You note from you (and the Gang) on my desk to remind me of the wonderful work you are doing. (Honestly, I love the expression of the horse’s face in the photo!).

    So sorry to hear that your donations are not are robust as they have been. I recently came across an article regarding Sam Simon (the co-creator of the animated TV show, “Simpson’s”) He is terminally ill and has vowed to give away all of his millions. He has started a charity called the Sam Simon Foundation. It is worth nearly $23 million and it rescues the hungry and strays. It looks like the foundation is mostly geared for dogs but I’m wondering if Journey’s End might appeal to them, It could be worth a shot – the worst they could say to you is “NO”..

    Best of luck.

    Your friend in Denver,
    Just Media Fund

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Hi, Heather! Thank you so much! We have 9 rescued dogs here and have fostered about a dozen over the past 2 years….will check it out!
    Love, Cathy

  3. jackie caroll says:

    Am going to put this on my page as I am sure that I can find supporters for you. Everyone seems to be doing well including the senior citizens and his Lordship. Once again, thank you very much for all you do despite not feeling well. Your ‘kids’ couldn’t do without you and neither could we here at Picked on Pony Farm. Love from all of us and have a super weekend

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Jackie! Love to all of you!

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