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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter Feb. 6, 2014

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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter Feb. 6, 2014

The new pigs, Benton & Carter are settled in and are happy here. They are very active compared to our little Wilbur, whom we lost to old age in December.

Carter (left) and Benton

Carter (left) and Benton


A friend of ours told us about a program where we can earn funding every time you shop and use your Smith’s, Fred Meyer or Kroger card! This can be a HUGE help to us. It is easy to sign up and once you do, there is nothing else to think about… Please go to the link below. Thank you!

You can link us to your Smith’s, Fred Meyer or Kroger cards and we get credit every time you shop!  Please visit our Affiliates page for info. http://www.jersanctuary.org/available-merchandise/

We came in second in the Shop For Your Cause Contest, so did not win any funds. However, you can vote for us in a FedEx contest- see below.

 We are also in a new grant contest. The grand prize is $25,000, but we would be thrilled to get one of the $1000 grants.
http://smallbusinessgrant.fedex.com/Gallery/Detail/69cf3173-1192-4566-928d-c05d8eb14e5d It is daily voting until Feb. 23 and we sure could us the funding.

We had been following the story of the dogs kept in deplorable conditions at a “sanctuary” in Washington State. It seemed serendipitous that all of them ended up near us and that there was one  basenji in the bunch, as I have been involved with the breed since 1976 and know that they can have special needs and challenges. Jabari is doing very well on the Gonto Fanconi protocol which involves special feeding, & supplements. The addition of low dose thyroxine also changed his temperament dramatically.

We also took in a little basenji that came from the horrible OAS hoarding case in Washington state. 124 dogs were transported to our area in Az. with the help of Guardians of Rescue (a NY group). Since I have been involved with basenjis since 1976, we decided to see if he might fit in here. A national basenji rescue group will be his safety net should he not be able to stay with us. He can be snappy, but he has been through a lot. We had full blood work done. It turns out he needed to be on a low dose of thyroxine and his temperament improved overnight.  A few of his electrolyte values were a bit off. Unfortunately, when we tested his urine at home, it showed a slight amount of glucose. It seems he has early Fanconi disease, genetic in some basenjis. It requires micromanagement with blood tests and supplements to enable the dog to lead a long and happy life. Otherwise, the kidney damages progresses and it is fatal. . Here is one story about OAS-  http://www.seattledogspot.com/blog/dog-blog/post/the-dogs-are-safe-but-is-olympic-animal-sanctuary-saga-over . The dogs actually ended up in Golden Valley, Az.. on the premises of a rescue that has a relationship with GOR. That is only 25 miles from us and our board member, Billie, brought him here on Friday Jan. 10. Here is more of his story. http://www.jersanctuary.org/2014/01/jabari-basenji/



I wish I had had the video camera this morning, as Lucky (the crippled mustang) was feeling well enough to be running, bucking & rearing. Having the proper diet, a few supplements, proper hoof trimming and room to move about is slowly helping him.




With the cool weather, all the horses and burros are playful. Rambeau (the ram) and Knickers (our old Arabian stallion) have developed a real friendship and like to race up and down and  play along their shared fence line. They look just like a cutting horse working a cow. Rambeau butts at the fence, knowing he can be brave because the fence protects him from Knickers.

It was an honor to get chosen to be “ambushed” by Art Ambush- https://www.facebook.com/artambushproject  and we received a beautiful print from Judy Clements of LensTripping Photography https://www.facebook.com/LensTrippingPhotography?ref=br_tf

Art Ambush Project says, “This is a movement about good tidings and art. It’s not about money, it’s not about fame, it is about giving people, unsung heroes, people in need, people who need a reminder that there are some people in the world notice the difference they make, it is about giving beauty to those people. ”

That made my day!

We also received a gallon of Path-Away as a gift which was a nice surprise! This is a great, natural antimicrobial product. http://www.path-away.com I had told Art Martin, who developed Path-Away, that it was effective for hoof infections and he ended up in Saudi Arabia where he is supplying it to the Prince to use in his racing stable.

We had another nice surprise, too, when we received a DVD copy of “American Mustang”, from the producer of this wonderful new film which will do a lot to inform the public about the plight of America’s wild horses & burros. https://www.facebook.com/pages/American-Mustang-The-Movie/295659820548926  Thank you to Heather Roark!

Carson is the featured dog for February in the Furever Rescued calendar and this is the final year it will be published. We are so happy and honored that he made it into the calendar. Thank you, Jessica Price. This is the photo they used.

Carson 3/13/11

Carson 3/13/11

We got in 200 bales of hay so we can make it until the new harvest in June. That cost $3100 and is about a 3 month supply. In  June, we will need about $7000 to stock up on hay at the best prices. In addition to feeding 21 horses & burros, we are home to 10 dogs, 2 pigs and the sheep. Donations are greatly needed & appreciated. Thank you to all of our loyal supporters!



Cathy & The Gang


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  1. Hi Cathy,
    I always enjoy your newsletter and I know you are doing a magnificent job.Boy we have a few that might benefit from
    low dose of thyroxine to ease their temperament. Were do you
    get it? Thank you. Your newsletter is truly great.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Hi, Lotti! Thank you! I always blood test first by having our vet draw blood & we send the serum to Hemopet (http://www.hemopet.org) . In Jabari’s case, he tested “normal”, but had the behavioral problems, was cold and has discolored skin consistent with hypothyroid, so Dr. Dodds (Hemopet) said to try a low dose & it really made a huge difference overnight. Our vet then gives us an Rx and we get the Soloxine by the large bottle from KV Vet Supply.

  3. Joy Ramos says:

    It’s always wonderful to read your newsletter. I have been looking at your handsome guy Carson everyday on my calendar I purchased from Furever Rescued. I am so glad Lucky is doing better. How wonderful it is Jabari found his way to you. Much love to you Cathy!!!

  4. cathy ritlaw says:

    thank you, Joy! I love seeing Carson, too! TY for getting the calendar!! Jabari is feeling very well on the Fanconi protocol supplements and thyroxine.

  5. Ellen Mccabe says:

    I should have known you’d have more irons in the fire than just fb!
    Glad to find your newsleter, and will be looking for each new installment ♥

  6. Ellen Mccabe says:

    I should have known you’d have more irons in the fire than just fb!
    Glad to find your newsletter, and will be looking for each new installment ♥

  7. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Ellen..the Goodsearch and Shop for Your cause links are on our affiliates page, too.. I think you were looking for it.

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