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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary December 3, 2014 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary December 3, 2014 Newsletter

Dear Friends & Supporters,

We hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Our weather was mild all through November. Poco, the new little burro, got settled in. He was then moved to his new area, adjacent to the other burros, Knickers & the mustangs. He is very happy with his own space where he can eat all day long without anyone taking his food. It only took him a short while to find his shelter & decide he likes it. We had the veterinarian out to X-ray his foot and discovered that he was born without a coffin bone. His body formed a hoof around another bone, which is why it is deformed.



He now has his own Facebook page, too.

In addition to that, he let me help him write the story of his life. It is nothing short of miraculous that he was able to survive for 11 years in the wild with such a deformed and overgrown hoof. We hope to self publish it very soon and it will be an inspirational story, suitable for children or adults.We will only charge as much as needed to cover printing costs. All the other animals are enjoying the cooler weather. Thank you for your support and encouragement!


Cathy & the Gang

Knickers at sunrise

Knickers at sunrise

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  1. jackie carroll says:

    Such a super little donkey, and shows the determination of creatures in the wild. Makes humans look inadequate. Love to all of you from all of us. Please take care

  2. Cathy says:

    Thank you, Jackie! Animals have so much to teach us. Love to you and all of your babies!

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