February 21 st


New Facebook Policy Bad News for Non-profits

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New Facebook Policy Bad News for Non-profits
Facebook has a new policy and is only posting “business” page posts to ~2% of the fans of the page. It is devastating for non-profits, as almost no one sees our posts. We have > 6,000 fans on our fan page and only usually fewer than 100 will see our posts. We can no longer reach many people.

We depend on our engagement with our Facebook friends & fans to keep people updated and to keep support coming in.

We have 23 horses & burros who depend on your help. We greatly appreciate those who are able to donate, but anyone can make a big difference by visiting our pages and sharing posts. When you share our pages, share our posts or invite friends to join us, you will reach many more people and will help us a great deal. Thank you!

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Penny & Red enjoying a run

Penny & Red enjoying a run

Burros enjoying some grazing

Burros enjoying some grazing

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  1. Kate Bathurst says:

    What you do us vital to these beautiful animals. It amazes me how people who are trying to do the right thing have to struggle to get their message to those who care. Thank you for all you do. GB

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Kate!

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