April 1 st


The HAY FUNDS DRIVE IS ON with matching donations!

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The HAY FUNDS DRIVE IS ON with matching donations!
WE NOW HAVE $2000 pledged in matching funds! So, let’s begin the hay drive & try to bring in $2000 which will be matched, giving us enough for a semi-load. Thank you! Your donation will be doubled! Donations are tax deductible.

4/5  we now have $1178 in donations towards our goal of $2000. THANK YOU!

http://www.jersanctuary.org/donate-2/ or paypal to: jeranimalsanctuary@frontier.com

To show our appreciation, we will be randomly choosing donors to receive gifts such as a Poco book or package of notecards featuring our residents.

Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary provides a permanent home for 23 equines, most of them formerly wild. We go through about $3800-4000 worth of hay every 3 months. I provide the facility, pay the utilities & work without pay, but we depend on donations to feed the animals.

Thank you. Please share.

hay delivery

hay delivery

Chico & Poco

Chico & Poco


Lucky & Penny


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