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Journey’s End Ranch December 2, 2015 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch December 2, 2015 Newsletter

We want to thank our supporters for a successful winter hay drive. We had a very happy Thanksgiving because of your generosity.

Diego no longer needs his hoof boots and is doing well barefoot. He is still on an anti-inflammatory medication, but we will be weaning him down this month. The medication not only has made his feet more comfortable, but has enabled him to move a lot and to loosen up muscles, tendons and ligaments which were tight from years of close confinement.

Diego, 20 year old Colonial Spanish horse.

Diego, 20 year old Colonial Spanish horse.


Early in November, I made the mistake of walking too close to Diego while he was eating, and I got kicked in the chest. I am taking a long time to heal and have not been able to do any hoof trimming because of it. Thankfully, I had the trimming pretty much caught up. Diego is extremely food protective and I now feed him through the fence and give him a wide berth while he is eating. His behavior is due to not being fed enough in his prior home. Most “bad behavior” can be traced to human shortcomings and is not the animal’s fault.


Poco has been doing a lot of singing lately.

We almost went from summer straight into winter and having to clear ice off the water troughs the past few mornings. The horses love the colder weather, the burros are not as thrilled.

Warrior has now been here 3 years. He can’t chew very well anymore and gets soaked hay pellets as most of his diet.

Warrior, 26 year old mustang

Warrior, 26 year old mustang


The wild birds and bunnies appreciate the seed we put out.

Cottontail & kangaroo rats

Cottontail & kangaroo rats

quail, doves & cottontails

quail, doves & rabbits


You can help us provide a home for 26 equines and 2 sheep by shopping through our affiliates page. Please take a few minutes to check out our page.

Poco’s book is also a great gift to inspire children (and adults).

Poco's friend, Nathan

Poco’s friend, Nathan


Our friend and someone who has helped us a lot with contests and networking is now caring for 20 feral cats in Kentucky. She does TNR, provides shelter and feeds them daily. If you are a cat lover & want to help, you can join this event on Fb.

We are also helping another friend in a contest to win $1000 of merchandise for one of her rescued mustangs. It would cover the meds he needs for a lung condition. Tami has rescued multiple horses from starvation and shipping to slaughter, with her own funds. Three horses required hospitalization. Smokey is improving with Tami’s diligent care. He is 22 years old and was a mere 550# when she rescued him. Please vote for him. Thank you!

Thank you for your support!


Cathy & the Gang

Penny & Red enjoying a run


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  1. jackie carroll says:

    You are one super lady, and even down because of accident or illness, you do not stop taking care of your ‘kids’. The gang and I are so pleased to have you as a friend and our information station should Ihave questions. Please take care as you are very important to us, and we will always be there for you. Love jackie and the gang

  2. Thank you so much, Jackie! Love to you & the Picked On Pony Farm gang!

  3. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you so much, Jackie! Love to you & the Picked On Pony Farm gang!

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