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February 1, 2016 Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter

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February 1, 2016 Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter

We had a fairly mild January, with a little rain. February arrived today bringing snow flurries. Poco is not thrilled with the little bit of snow & is spending a lot of time in his shed with Chico.

Poco & Chico

Poco & Chico

Poco & Chico got blankets, but Chico was very spooky about trying his on and Poco seemed a bit embarrassed about his. The weather has not been cold enough to warrant wearing them,  but we have them just in case.

jan 15 poco blanket


We waited for drier weather to get the bulk of our hay delivered and are in good shape through April, thanks to our generous supporters.

Hay in the shed and under a tarp, too

Hay in the shed and under a tarp, too

I got a pair of rabbits (as personal pets). They are sweet sisters, 4 months old. Their names are Ebony & Ivory. I can’t trust my immune system/allergies to have them indoors, but they have a 10 X 20 foot pen, with lots of shelter, dig proof & shade cloth over the top. Today, the wild bunnies all looked puffed up and cold, but Ebony & Ivory were out frolicking in the snow flurries.

Ebony & Ivory

Ebony & Ivory

We ordered a new Easyboot style for Diego who was wearing out the Clouds. He will never be sound with the degenerative condition in his foot, but he is very enthusiastic about life. He loves eating, wandering about & playing with the other horses.


All of the other horses and burros are fine. We now have 5 horses between the ages of 21 and 34, and firmly believe in the advantages of “natural horse keeping.” Proper diet without processed, unnatural ingredients, room to move about 24/7, and companionship help to keep them happy and as healthy as possible. http://www.jersanctuary.org/natural-and-organic-care/horse-health/

Seven of the mustangs

Seven of the mustangs


We received $108. from Smith’s Community rewards for the last quarter. If you shop at Smiths, Fred Myer or Krogers, you can help us by merely signing up and each time you shop, we get rewarded. http://www.jersanctuary.org/2014/01/shop-smiths-can-help-us/

Finally, our county is on the warpath against our wild burros, blaming them for habitat damage and causing accidents on the road which actually runs through designated burro habitat as per 1971 Wild Free Roaming Hoses and Burros Act. They actually suggested that hunting may be an option to control numbers! We have thousands of privately owned cattle running loose on our public lands here, and research shows them to be much more detrimental to the environment than equines who actually evolved here for millions of years. Our friend, Terry, who was the one who found Poco in 2014, made this great educational video re: wild burros.

Many thanks to our friends and supporters!


Cathy & The Gang

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  1. Suzie Perlstein says:

    Keep those babies safe and warm. Love th Burro babies and tell those people to back off.
    XXOO ♡♡♡♡
    Suzie Perlstein

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    thank you, Suzie!

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