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Journey’s End Ranch April 2, 2016 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch April 2, 2016 Newsletter

Thanks to great reviews from our supporters, we received our 2016 Great NonProfits banner.Thank you!

March 10 was our 6th anniversary of becoming a 501C3.

April is our Spring Hay Drive and the first $2000 donated will be matched by a very generous friend & donor. $4000 will get us another 3 month’s worth of hay to feed our 26 sanctuary animals. We will also need a delivery of $1200 of hay pellets and supplements later this month. Your generosity enables us to provide a safe and happy home for 14 horses, 10 burros and 2 sheep.

hay delivery

hay delivery

The wild cottontails have decided to nest between the bottom bales of hay in the shed, instead of under the floor, so we will have to leave about 30 bales untouched for now, and feed it after nesting. I accidentally uncovered a nest of tiny babies, so I placed a pallet and piece of plywood leaning over them. Their Mama is fine with it and continues to care for them.

"Broken Ear', our favorite cottontail

“Broken Ear’, our favorite cottontail

Our weather has been beautiful and all the horses are shedding. On warmer days, a few of the mustangs want to be hosed off. We had one day of crazy 50mph winds, but escaped without anything important being damaged. This is Rusty, a 13 year old mustang.


Diego is feeling and walking very well. He has also started to play with Red. As you know, Diego lived in isolation for 20 years. It has taken him 6 months to become bolder around other horses and to really enjoy their company. Red, a 22 year old mustang, arrived 1 and 1/2 years ago, latched onto Penny, and usually is not social with the other geldings. It is amazing how animals will help to heal one another.

Poco has been singing a lot. 

The hole in Rambeau‘s head has closed over. Whether or not he will grow a new horn, only time will tell.

Rambeau, now with one horn

Rambeau, now with one horn

We restarted our Facebook sharing contest. Anyone who shares any of our posts will have their name put in a hat each time they share, and 2 names are pulled every Saturday to receive Poco’s book. Thank you! You can also purchase books on our “Affiliates” page.

 Poco's book

Poco’s book



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Cathy & The Gang

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  1. Love your newsletter Cathy!

  2. Nancy finn says:

    Thanks for all you do for the animals in your care. Will continue to support this great sanctuary.

  3. Lynne Considine says:

    Thanks for posting this newsletter. I love following the animals at the Ranch. You do awesome work and it’s appreciated.

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