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Journey’s End Ranch June 3, 2016 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch June 3, 2016 Newsletter

It is a great honor that my friend and JERAS supporter, Judy, entered me in a contest whose top prize is $50,000! There are also smaller cash prizes and winning anything would be wonderful for the sanctuary. It looks like we are ahead in my category and winning that $5,000 would support the sanctuary for 2 months!

The following is taken from the Facebook event that Judy is running to help  get votes.”A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than one’s self.” Catherine Ritlaw is our Hero. Click on this link to Vote for Catherine Ritlaw so we can make sure she wins the $50,000 charitable donation to provide food, shelter and veterinarian care for the animals at Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary. Catherine is the sole provider and caretaker for the fourteen horses, ten burros and two sheep that currently have found sanctuary at Journey’s End Ranch. ~


I don’t consider myself a “hero”, but I do work hard to provide a happy home to the animals because animals have brought great joy to me for 62 years and so many are neglected, abandoned and abused by my fellow humans. So many do not receive the care and respect they deserve.

Wow, Cushing’s disease is so insidious! Penny, our 26 year old mare, seemed fine until she was slow to shed out. She had also lost some muscle mass along her topline, but we assumed it was old age. The shedding issue caused us to think Cushings Disease and she went on a trial of Pergolide a few weeks ago. She has shed out, is shiny, is gaining muscle and is much more lively. We are getting the Pergoglide from a compounding pharmacy (Wedgewood) for about $25 a month. Not bad for a new lease on life for this old girl.


Big news!  The halter Cheyenne had been wearing for 10 years finally fell off! She arrived here wearing it 4 years ago and, despite trying to desensitize her for weeks, she remained extremely fearful and dangerously defensive regarding being touched. She has extreme  issues with past abuse.

Cheyenne, naked at last

Cheyenne, naked at last

We have had lots of gopher snakes, a few coachwhip snakes and one beautiful California king snake (photo) on the ranch. We also had a run in with a rattler last weekend. The non-venomous snakes compete with rattlers and we are always happy to see them.


june 3 king snake


Poco has been singing a lot!

We just hit 100 degrees yesterday and some of the horses ask to be hosed off.

I love getting up in the morning to see the old and handicapped horses playing & enjoying life, despite their age, injuries and orthopedic issues.

I got a pair of baby goats to have as my pets since I became so dog allergic 2 years ago. It has been heartbreaking to see the empty yard and now there are a pair of “Mini Nubian” (Nubian X Nigerian Dwarf) brothers to enjoy playing with and watching. Thank you, Annie, for these sweet boys! They arrived yesterday.

Baby goats!

Baby goats!


As always, we want to thank our friends & supporters. Without you, the sanctuary would not exist.

Please try to vote in the contest, daily, if possible. http://www.eaglerarelife.com/content/catherine-ritlaw

Please share our newsletter. 


Cathy & the Gang


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  1. jackie carroll says:

    I am still around for you, voting every day on the contest. Thinking of you with love from the gang here

  2. catherine ritlaw says:

    TY Jackie. <3 you

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