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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter July 2, 2016

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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter July 2, 2016

June brought unusually high temperatures and rattlesnakes. I had gotten a little Rex rabbit from my friend to try as an indoor pet, but started having allergic reactions after a few days, so tried moving him out into a pen I put up next to Ebony & Ivory’s big pen. His first day out, a Western Diamondback bit him in the face & throat. I treated him, he is OK now & returned to my friend. A week later, I found Rambeau with a swollen face in the morning. Sheep are very sensitive to venom, but he came through it beautifully. Please go to this link to see what I have learned about treating these bites successfully. I first posted it 5 years ago & have added additional info.

Patty survives snakebite, we credit Jernigan remedy

I managed to dispatch the snake that bit the rabbit. For years, I had relocated rattlers out of their home territory, because moving them a short way means they just come back. Then I learned that a least 50% of relocated rattlers die. Moving them 5 miles is dangerous for me, because I’d end up on remote dirt roads in my 42 year old truck and breaking down in places like this can cost one their life. So, I feel I have no choice but to do away with them, because the sanctuary  animals must come first. The other day, I got a Mohave green rattler that appeared to be living under the slab the feed shed sits on. They are extremely venomous.


On Animal Planet’s “The Jeff Corwin Experience,” Jeff finds a Mojave green rattlesnake. This snake is one of the most venomous rattlesnakes in the world.

Keeping everyone fed and with clean water is taking up a good part of the day. As always, some of the horses line up to be hosed off

Despite the heat, even the old horses will play.


We do love seeing our non-venomous snakes, such as this California King snake, that will actually eat rattlers.

King Snake

King Snake

Poco ordered another hundred books, so visit our affiliates page if you want one. Thank you!

Poco looking handsome

Poco looking handsome

We are leading in our category in the contest & ask that you vote daily & share, as winning the category would be $5,000, enough to support all 26 sanctuary animals for two months. Thank you!

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Thank you for your support, for sharing & for voting.


Cathy & The Gang

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