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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter August 3, 2016

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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter August 3, 2016

We have had very hot weather all month with afternoon temps usually over 100 degrees. We also got some good monsoonal rain this past week. Last night, I had to go feed in a lightening storm and there were quite a few close strikes, including one that hit our transformer on the power pole. Fortunately, Unisouce came out in an hour & we had power back before dark.

We are still winning in the contest to receive $5000 if we win our category. That would support the sanctuary for 2 months! Please vote and share daily. Thank you!

Link to vote-

Our neighbors and hay supplier had a 25 year old BLM mustang mare since rescuing her about 8 years ago. They had used her for riding until she was kicked and injured a few months ago. We offered her a home so that they would have space to take in another rescue, as they help a lot of local horses in need by rehabbing and rehoming them. Dakota is gorgeous and very easy to handle. We have her on joint and other supplements and she is doing very well. Warrior has claimed her as his  and this has added a sparkle to his eye!

Dakota, 25 year old mustang mare

Dakota, 25 year old mustang mare

Dakota following Red (our 22 year old mustang)

Dakota following Red (our 22 year old mustang)

Poco was very quiet most of the month but has started singing for his lunch again since the weather cooled a bit.


We got another 13 tons of nice Bermuda grass hay.

Sunset August 2

I managed to do hoof trims on all 10 burros and 4 horses this past month.

Julio hoof

Julio hoof

We have had gorgeous sunsets with the monsoon.

sunset August 2

sunset August 2

On a personal note, I am seeing improvement in my health thanks to my friend, Jeannie, who posted an article to me. The article was about the herbal sweetener stevia & how it kills Lyme bacteria. WOW! Unlike many people with Lyme, I do not want to kill the bacteria. I have mutated Lyme, it is not “curable” and my immune system already kills too much. The released toxins set off my 6 autoimmune diseases. I have been using stevia (considered a safe herbal, no calorie sweetener) for twenty years! I immediately stopped using it about 3 weeks ago. Within days, I felt slightly better. I also doubled my dose of turmeric, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and blocks some of the immune activation I deal with. I am so grateful to Jeannie!

Please continue to vote, as winning the contest category would cover our winter hay & pellet supply. Link to vote-

Thank you!

Cathy & The Gang

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  1. jackie carroll says:

    Glad you are feeling a little better, again thank you for all you do. Love you

  2. catherine ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Jackie <3

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