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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter September 3, 2016

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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter September 3, 2016

August was a busy month. We had very hot weather, but we did get an inch or two of rain.

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On August 7, Penny, our 26 year old mare, had a bout with colic. We were in the middle of our psyllium week (one week out of every month). Our vet came out to treat her and we discovered she had a lot of sand in her colon. Penny arrived in spring of 2012 and was about 100 pounds underweight & acted famished. Our vet also discovered she has a severe heart murmur from leaky valves. He did not think the prognosis was very good, and she was colicky for about 10 days, but she is a fighter. The mineral oil the vet gave her apparently really mobilized a large deposit of sand which was probably in her colon for years. Since arriving here, Penny has had all the hay she wants and does not act like a “vacuum cleaner” type horse that would be eating a lot of dirt. In the 5 days following treatment by our vet, she passed about 50-100 pounds of mostly black sand (our dirt & sand here is tan). We have her on herbs and supplements to help heal her gut. Red, our 22 year old mustang, is madly in love with Penny and was concerned about her. He was often seen standing with her with his head pressed against her abdomen. Horses can show amazing compassion. Penny is now doing well and we hope all the sand is gone. She has been on psyllium almost all month and we will continue with week on/week off for awhile.

Red concerned about Penny

Red concerned about Penny


Sand found in a mere # of manure

Sand found in a mere # of manure

Diego has been with us one year.

After 20 years of isolation, he has learned how to be a horse. He is still very anxious about food, even though he always has hay available. He is quite active and loves having space after 20 years in a tiny corral.

aug 18 horse diego

Poco was quiet  for some time, but slightly cooler weather has him singing again. Knickers still runs in for his meals.



Warrior and Dakota have bonded. They are both mustangs and he is 27 and she is 25.

Dakota using Warrior's tail as a wig

Dakota using Warrior’s tail as a wig


I moved the roof from the old goat shelter down to the sheep and they have a new shelter. Rambeau was not happy when I dismantled his old shelter, but is adjusting.

Well, I dodged a few bullets this week! On Tuesday, I was installing a fence panel to use as roof for sheep shelter. You must flex them & pull them to the wall so they will bow and form a quonset hut type roof. I lost my grip and the metal panel sprung back and slammed me in the throat. There are 1/2 inch spikes every 6 inches on the panel ends & I was very lucky to get hit with my neck between the spikes. At noon, I went to look at a small lump on Dakota’s belly. I was in the “safe” zone, near her shoulder, when I bent over & she hit me in the face with a back hoof without warning. My sunglasses probably save my eye. I got away with a slight whiplash and a few bruises on my face. Thursday morning, I went to feed. I moved the feed cart which was parked by the shed door and 2 very big & aggressive rattlesnakes literally came leaping at me from under the cart. I have never seen rattlers act this way or be so fast. I grabbed my brush cutting tool and killed them both before they could bite me or escape under the shed. I hate killing anything, but had no choice in this situation.

Let’s hope September is a less exciting month!

Please keep voting & sharing. Thank you.

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Love, Cathy & The Gang

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  1. jackie cattoll says:

    I think you are going to have to change your name to McGyver with all you have been through and luckily enough come out on top. Thinking about you and thanking you for all you do for your gang.

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you!! Would love to have him here, handy & cute!!!

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