October 4 th


Journey’s End Ranch October 4, 2016 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch October 4, 2016 Newsletter

The Contest! We are still leading to win $5,000 in our category. This contest has been long & grueling and does not end until Jan. 5. Second place started to gain on us. We need about 800 votes a day to maintain our lead. Winning would buy 400 bales of hay, so please help by voting daily & sharing. Thank you!

Link to vote: http://www.eaglerarelife.com/content/catherine-ritlaw

Penny is doing well after her colic, treatment & subsequent passing of 50-100 pounds of sand she must have accumulated in her gut years ago while not being fed enough. She is still on psyllium, one week on & one week off and passes more sand than is normal, but not large amounts. One interesting thing that has happened is Red’s attitude towards me. Red arrived 2 years ago with a history of neglect, stomach ulcers and anxiety. He immediately bonded with Penny. He has not been very friendly to me and it was hard to even get my hands on him to give him a scratch. After he watched me nursing Penny for two weeks, he has decided to by my best buddy. He nickers to me, follows me and is very willing to be touched. Horses are amazing.

Penny & Red

Penny & Red


Poco had a visitor come all the way from Colorado to meet him! Thank you, Merri!

Poco getting brushed by his new friend

Poco getting brushed by his new friend


Old and disabled horses playing in the early morning




Some of the adorable ground squirrels who live here

The water lines in my slab started leaking & tearing up the floor is out of the question. I have done without running water for a few weeks, living out of buckets.   I am having plumber out to disconnect lines to house. I dug a 16 foot trench to re-route a new line into house where it will feed a nice, large stainless steel sink. That will be my running water for the future, but it will be a lot better than none at all. I have a big plastic tub in my bathtub & heat the water I put in it with a stock tank heater. Filling the toilet tank by hand is not bad, either. At any rate, I must get back to my plumbing. LOL.

Please continue voting & thank you to all our friends & supporters!

Link to vote: http://www.eaglerarelife.com/content/catherine-ritlaw


Cathy & the gang

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  1. jackie carroll says:

    You are a remarkable woman. Please don’t hurt yourself lugging the water. Thinking of you often

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    TY Jackie!! I do 200 crunches a day for my abdominals and am careful.

  3. Kathryn Szydlowski says:

    Hi Cathy, I am an acquaintance of Gini who has a similar sanctuary such as yours. She forwarded me the website to vote for you , which I did.
    People have all kinds of heroes and people they idolize and try to emulate. Unfortunately with world consciousness at an all time low, the idols are usually those parasites dwelling in their own insufferable egos (Hollywood, the White House etc). For me, it is people like you and Gini and Kim Sturla (Animal Place). You are my idols and you are the ones I try to emulate. How do you manage to give refuge to those lovely horses and burros? I know it must take oodles of $$$. I cannot imagine that you receive very much from the general public. Would like to hear back from you. In any event, I will make a contribution. God Bless You and all that you are doing. Sincerely, Kathryn Szydlowski, Half Moon Bay CA

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