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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter Nov. 10, 2016

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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter Nov. 10, 2016.

CONTEST to WIN $5,000. Thanks to all who are diligently voting, we are still in the lead to win $5,000 with 2 months of daily voting to go. That would buy 20 tons of hay or support the sanctuary entirely for 2 months.

We are celebrating 2 years since Poco arrived. He’s such a sweet little guy and such an inspiration to so many of us. His book makes a great gift for holiday giving and all the proceeds go to feeding the animals who live here.

Raelyn and her Poco book

Raelyn and her Poco book

Our weather has finally cooled down after what felt like an endless summer. The horses & burros all had grown in winter coats and some of the horses were asking to be hosed off right up to late October.

We went to install a new OS into our I-Mac computer in mid October and the installation caused the computer to crash. Apple thought it was because of our slow internet (which is very costly, time-wise). I had to pull out the old laptop. Our phone provider was offering free installation of satellite internet and we just got that last Friday. Then on Monday, someone at the satellite company turned off our service for no reason. We are back on phone internet until Monday. When the satellite is reinstated, we will attempt to re-install the OS in the good computer. If that does not work,   we will have to ship it to Las Vegas to see if it can be repaired or the hard drive retrieved. The laptop was pretty worn out already, so we have not been able to post pictures to Facebook for two weeks and may be limping along for awhile longer. We have added a few videos to Youtube.


We got in about 12 tons of Bermuda hay. We use about 4.5 tons a month plus 1500# of hay pellets. We now have 3 horses who eat pellets as most, if not all, of their diet. Even doing dentals, some horses will get so old their teeth are worn to nubs and soaked pellets are a must. The downside is that pellets cost almost 3 times as much as hay (pound for pound). With all the effort to promote the contest, we have not had a fall hay drive, so donations are always very much appreciated and needed.

Yay, Hay !

Yay, Hay !

Today, we had our veterinarian out to sedate and trim Diego’s feet. He had come up lame & we suspected an abscess, but Diego is dangerous to handle due to 20 years of neglect and some well founded resentment towards humans. He kicked me in the chest last winter because I walked past him as he was eating. He was never handled much nor was he taught to allow his feet to be trimmed. Our vet discovered two abscesses and Diego behaved with the help of two sedatives and will be feeling much better now. On top of that, no on was injured in the process.

aug 18 horse diego

Diego loving his freedom & companions after 20 years alone in a small corral

In light of a terrible breeding/hoarding/neglect situation of more than 800 horses at a “sanctuary” in South Dakota, we urge people to be careful when donating to anyone. Most non profits have profiles on Guidestar and Great NonProfits, where you can view mission statements, financials and see reviews from the public. Generous people are the life blood of any non profit organization and they deserve to know that their donations are being used to help others, and not to cause more suffering.

Guidestar Profile and Reviews-

So, please keep voting & please say a prayer we can get the good computer up and running. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. No matter how challenging life is, there is always something to be thankful for.


Cathy & the Gang

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  1. jackie carroll says:

    Just a short note to say ‘Hi’ and am glad that everything is going okay except for the computer. PeeWee is breathing a little better since it is colder. Spirit still thinks he is with the Royal Ballet with his ballerina syndrome, but found a herbal salve, made up for me, which seems to be loosening the tendons. Happy Thanksgiving from my gang to yours and love to Knickers and Warrior – 2 rascally old men

  2. cathy ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Jackie! Happy Thanksgiving to you! Glad Pee Wee and Spirit are improved!

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