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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter December 9, 2016

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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter December 9, 2016

Thank you for voting! We are still in the lead to win $5,000 and the contest ends Jan. 5, 2017. That would buy 20 tons of hay or support the sanctuary entirely for 2 months.

We had to get a new computer & I am still trying to learn the new OS. We got satellite internet (via our phone company), then the satellite company turned us off by accident & we were without internet for 4 days. The tech had to come back out to re-boot the modem. I am still trying to catch up.

Diego was still very lame for another week after the vet opened up a hoof abscess. Since he is not at all cooperative with hoof handling, we ended up getting a small pond liner so I could build him a soaking area. We alternated between Epsom salts and Oxine soaks twice a day and after a week of soaking, he went from very lame one day to fine the next. Then, a few nights ago, he had a mild colic. We were in day 4 of our monthly week of psyllium to prevent sand problems. Sometimes psyllium can set off a gassy colic. I managed to put a dose of Banamine paste into a hollow carrot & he ate it and was OK about an hour later. A lifetime of neglect has set him up for  ongoing problems, but at 21 years old, he is pretty amazing & has a great attitude.



Dec. 4, 2016 Diego

Dec. 4, 2016 Diego


Knickers gave us a real scare two weeks ago when he was bitten by a bee. This is the second time he had a severe  bee sting reaction, the first time was 2 summers ago. Luckily, both times I saw him right after it happened. He had hives and was having severe respiratory distress.  An injection of 10 cc of dexamethasone did the trick. Here in the desert, we have thousands of bees that live underground and are attracted to any water. For some reason, they decided to go after Knickers’ soaked hay pellets that day and they apparently had an argument with him over lunch. After all he has survived in his life, we’d sure hate to lose him to a bee sting.

Knickers, December, 34 years old

Knickers, December, 34 years old


I added a north wall to the sheep shelter to block our colder winter winds. Both Stripey & Rambeau are nice & wooly for the winter. This is Stripey who arrived 2 summers ago when his owner was moving to town.

dec 2 sheep


Seven years ago, Windy & Rene’, 2 mustang mares, were at a feedlot in danger of shipping to slaughter or ending up back in Mexican style rodeo as tripping horses. Fortunately, we were able to give them a home and they have done a lot of physical and emotional healing since arriving in January 2010. This photo was taken the day they arrived from California. They seemed to be looking out at the mountains and remembering the home they had lost 6 years earlier. When we sent their freeze brands to BLM, we discovered something amazing. It ends up they had both been captured as yearlings together on the Nellis AFB, just about 120 miles north of us. Somehow, through 6 years of captivity & abuse, they ended up together still.

Windy and Rene'-Jan. 2010 arrival day

Windy and Rene’-Jan. 2010 arrival day


We have lots of ways you can help us & find great holiday gift ideas on our affiliates page:

Shannon Story has added more Poco merchandise to her site, too. She gives us all the profits from any Poco items.

We have had to break ice a few mornings, but consider ourselves very blessed to have moderate Arizona weather, compared to a lot of other regions of the country.

Cerbat Mountains in the morning sun

Cerbat Mountains in the morning sun


Wishing everyone Happy Holidays & a Merry Christmas.  Thank you so much for your support.


Cathy & the Gang



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  1. jackie carroll says:

    So glad everyone is doing okay. I don’t seem to be getting notifications from you, so will just pop into your page to find anything. Hope all is well with you. Love from PeeWee ‘I can breather better now it is cold’ ponym the gang and I

  2. Pamela Gardner says:

    Thank you so muchCatherine for all you do… I know all the distress the animals go through is very stressful. I’m sending you lots of wellness and peace for the coming year. Wish I had had more money to send….My 8 dogs, 5 of them seniors take just about every penny.

  3. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you so much!!

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    TY Jackie!

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