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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter Feb. 9, 2017

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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter Feb. 9, 2017

Lucky & Bayron playing

The past month was fairly uneventful, thank goodness. Our weather was mild, except for a bit of snow on Jan. 24. I started repairing some of the electric fence that has succumbed to our frequent high winds. Our original fenced acreage is done with Horse Guard brand, and is 11 years old and still in great shape. The acreage where the old & disabled horses are was done in 2012 & I used less expensive, easier to install materials and have learned my lesson. It has not faired well. Fortunately, buying & installing T posts is the major expense when fencing, and T posts last many years. I am just having to replace insulators and electric tape and wire.

We returned the internet satellite system which hardly worked and are back on the old, slow DSL. We are stuck with the constraints our phone company imposes, and they admit the transmission capability out here is inferior. It takes about 3 hours to load a one minute video to Youtube. However, we managed a few.







Poco and burro play . .

horse play.

poco song.

We are hoping & praying to receive good news later this month regarding the contest we were in. Thank you again for all the voting support. Winning $5000 would be a real blessing.

Chico & Poco playing

I ordered an electric pruning saw in an attempt to find an easier way to cut off Poco’s deformed foot every few months. It barely made a dent, so I had to saw by hand as usual. We got a refund on the saw.

Poco “hoof” trimming

Some of the main mustang herd

Thank you for your support.

Cathy & the Gang

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  1. Great letter Cathy – geez that darned DSL is just crap – but at least I got to see my boyfriend, Poco! Saying prayers that your sanctuary won the $5 grand!

    Love, Judy

  2. Great letter Cathy – sorry about the satellite crap you are going through. Praying you get that five grand!


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