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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter March 9, 2017

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Windy & Scout, mustangs

Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter March 9, 2017

Great news!  We won the Eagle Rare Life prize for my entry in the Survivor category & will receive $5,000. Thank you for voting over the 6 month period. The votes got us into the top 30, from which 7 winners were chosen by Eagle Rare. They decided winners by which stories they found the most inspiring. We are very grateful! The funds will go towards purchasing hay and hay pellets.

Local papers also covered the story.

(this link works, for some reason, WordPress put a line thru it)

We also just received our 2017 banner from Great Nonprofits. We needed new reviews and, thanks to our supporters, got the number required very quickly.

One of our board members had a nice story on Facebook. Thank you, Darcy!

We decided to place 6 of our burros with a wonderful national burro rescue/sanctuary organization, to lessen my work load. My health issues are a daily challenge, and they will get further training and handling before being offered to adoptive homes. The organization (Peaceful Valley) microchips all animals and retains legal ownership, thus insuring a safe future. The 6 arrived safely in Texas in mid February. We sent them with enough funds to feed them for a year. We have a contract with a wild horse sanctuary for some of our other horses and burros, leaving them property and life insurance when the time comes. So, we now have 15 horses, 4 burros and 2 sheep. Poco and his buddy Chico are here and also our 2 original jennies who have been here for 13 years. It was a hard decision to make, but we feel the best for all involved, especially the 2 burros born here in 2012, who have very long lives ahead of them.

Poco has been singing a lot. 


All the animals have been very playful.

All of the horses and burros are shedding like crazy, very early, but the weather has been warm. I have some electric fence repair to do, as our winds are hard on the fencing.

28 year old Warrior, taking a run


Bayron & Warrior playing

Once again, thank you for your support and your votes!

Cathy and the Gang

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