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Journey’s End Ranch June 10, 2017 Newsletter

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Journey’s End Ranch June 10, 2017 Newsletter

Well, our really good news is that we finally have useable internet speeds after a year of struggling. One Frontier tech decided to replace our “card” up at the utility box 3 miles away. That appears to have been the issue all along. It won’t bring back the computer we lost when the crawling internet crashed the hard drive, but at least I am not wasting 3-4 hours a day sitting here watching the wheels spin anymore.

Knickers is 35 years old today! He is the amazing survivor of 10 years of severe neglect & joined us in January 2012.

Knickers June 8, 2017

The weather has turned hot, most days in the 90s now. Rambeau grows winter wool. Stripey does not. I found someone who shears sheep, but they take them down to almost bare skin & I did not want him getting sunburned. So, once again, I did him with dog clippers.  He does not come out pretty, but the wool is gone & he has a normal hair coat now and is comfortable. Sheep shears run >$200  and I can’t see spending that much for a once a year shearing.

We have a pair of Western kingbirds nesting in one of the cottonwoods. They are very attractive birds.

Western kingbirds

The dove who had raised a baby in her nest in the sheep shelter came back & laid 2 more eggs. She had been sitting on them this week. Sadly, we had horrible wind yesterday & this morning, she & the eggs were gone.

the eggs which were blown away


We don’t usually have a fly problem due to the arid conditions here. However, when range cattle are in the area, they bring face flies with them. Poco & Chico had to learn to wear fly masks and 3 of the horses with sensitive eyes are wearing them. too. I remove and wash the masks every night.


Our old video camera was pretty much shot. I found an old, but unused one that was identical. It is a discontinued model. We already had accessories and I know how to use it, so our board member, Joyce, bought it for us. The first one lasted > 6 years, so we hope this one will have a long life, too.

Poco has been singing a lot.


The first day I put a fly mask on Rusty, we had a stampede. Everyone went to look at Rusty, he may have felt threatened or maybe he felt special with the mask on. At any rate, he began chasing the other mustangs for about 15 minutes.

Cheyenne has been here 5 years and we sure are glad her halter finally fell off last year, as she is untouchable. She is 19 now. She loves Scout and is not sociable with the others. After years of being passed from owner to owner and being badly abused at some point, it is good to be able to give her a peaceful, happy home.

Cheyenne June 2017

Rene’, Windy & Mariah, mustang mares

We are using about 500 gallons a day of water to keep all the troughs  clean & filled with fresh water. Some of the horses enjoy being hosed off while I am watering.

Rusty cooling off


I have 3 new personal pets. Three years without dogs has been extremely difficult for me. I am now sensitized to many animals but I took a chance on three sweet little rat sisters, raised by a local girl who is in 4H. They live in a big outdoor cage, but I cut a 3 inch hole in my house to run a PVC pipe into a sealed  glass tank in my bedroom. They can come in to cool off and “visit”. I wear a mask when I handle & play with them every day, and, so far, so good. They are like little dogs, very affectionate & interactive. I love them.


My 1974 Ford truck broke down last week on my monthly trip to town. I meet my friend there as she does my grocery shopping for me. The starter burned up. I had to get towed home as my mechanic works on it at the ranch & I had $300 worth of food and I had to get home asap. I had to ride in my truck, up on the trailer, as I can’t ride in other vehicles with such severe chemical sensitivities. Every bump we hit was tossing me around and it was like riding a bronc for 17 miles..LOL. Never a dull moment…

Thank you to all our friends and supporters. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. Stay cool!

Love, Cathy & the Gang

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  1. Loverly newsletter as always – I had to listen to Poco again! Your horses are so beautiful, Cathy – I just love seeing pictures of them.

    So sorry to hear about your truck – hope you got it fixed!

    Love, Judy

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    TY! so much, Judy.
    Not yet, waiting… LOL, we are on Kingman time, as you well know! Supposed to come this coming week.


  3. jackie carroll says:

    Thank you for all you do for your gang and being here for mine. Please take care and watch little donkey feet!!! Love you

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Jackie. Little Chico has decided he likes the mask & has not kicked me again.

    Love you!

  5. Lisa Koehl says:

    I love reading the newsletter and watching videos A.B. Love and the whole gang so dearly xoxo

  6. Kathryn Szydlowski says:

    Hi Cathy, Finally checked out your latest newsletter and as always, it’s a keeper. I watch the videos again and again.
    I love Poco. I love all of them and I am fascinated about the
    small rats. You are an amazing person with an amazing spirit.

  7. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Kathryn!

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