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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter May 16, 2018

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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter May 16, 2018

What a month! Had some challenges, but we made it through.

We had some really hot days and some days of 40-50 mph winds, which makes feeding hay a lot of fun. Now, we have cooled down to the 80’s.

Our veterinarian was out April 30th to sedate Diego so his front feet could be trimmed and he could have a dental. Diego was never really trained during his first 20 years and is hard to catch and handle. Our neighbor, Mary Ann, whom Diego adores, came to help & he behaved a lot better than he did in the past.

Dr. Waldron doing dental

Getting his wonky feet trimmed

Diego has pedal osteitis and  coffin bone rotation in one foot from years of neglect. He likes to grow all his feet at very steep angles. When a pro trimmer adjusted them somewhat in 2015 after he arrived, he ended up with severe laminitis. So, we have learned to leave it alone. He now runs & plays daily with feet the way he wants them.

Then, I had to catch Buddy, who is still very fearful, so Dr. Waldron could examine his mouth. It was even worse than I thought. He had periodontal disease, 2 epuli (growths), a badly infected carnassial tooth and tartar. He was started on antibiotics pending a dental on May 10. I had to take him in very early in the morning and was not even sure I could load him into the crate in my truck. He surprised me by running up the ramp I had put there and going into the crate easily, even though he was terrified. The vet sedated him out in the truck and they wheeled him inside on a gurney after he was snoozing. I waited out back for 3 hours until he was ready to go home. He had a total of 5 extractions, 3 which were complicated. The 2 epuli were removed and his teeth cleaned. The poor dog was in pain for who knows how long. I am not happy that the vet another adopter took him to twice last December apparently never looked at his mouth. He is still on soft food, his mouth looks great & I am sure he feels better. He will be on antibiotics another 4 days.

Buddy the day after, just a bit wary!

We got Buddy’s DNA results & were surprised, as most of us were wrong, except for Debbie, the vet tech, who  thought she saw shar-pei and cattle dog.

25% Amer. Staffordshire Terrier

12.5% Aust. Cattle Dog

12.5% Chinese Shar-Pei

12.5% Chow Chow

12.5% Siberian Husky

12.5% White Swiss Shepherd (new one to us!)

12,5%  (herding, hound, sighthound)

Buddy got his own CD player today so he can listen to “Through A Dog’s Ear”, special calming piano music for dogs. I will play it 4 or 5 times a day for him.

Me update, never a dull moment. I had been feeling very weak and lightheaded. Then my blood pressure went a bit wonky and pulse dropped 30 points. My friend and our VP, Bonnie, took me to our great hospital (KRMC) and the phlebotomist drew blood outside & then they got me in & out in 5 minutes for an EKG. With severe chemical sensitivities, even entering a building wearing a chemical respirator is tricky. I was born with a murmur & 2 holes in my heart, and 46 years of Lyme has taken its toll, but, all that showed up was old damage, thank goodness. I then realized it may be Valley Fever rebounding since I had taken a break from anti-fungals, which are hard on your liver. I think the VF rebounded in my brain & sinuses, because after I got back on the anti-fungal & got my head cleared, I was OK again. Sheesh…

Then, since I felt improved, I decided to trim Dakota’s feet and try out the new compound nippers we had gotten (Bud’s). Well, I was working on first front hoof when she pulled her foot away & it grazed and then landed on the back of my left hand. Despite a kevlar glove, I lost skin & flesh. I also ended up with a lot of bruising, but thankfully, nothing broken. I still had to finish her 2 front feet, too, which I did on an adrenaline high. LOL.

May 3 ouch!

May 6, treated with charcoal & colloidal siver

I did use some antibiotic ointment, but mostly colloidal silver and activated charcoal, shown in studies to really promote healing & fight infection. It now is close to healed, though still pain on & off from the crushing. Watching anything heal always amazes me.

We got our 2018 Great Nonprofits banner, thanks to 10 or more good reviews this year. Thank you!

I went to shear Rambeau only to discover our 35 year old Oster clippers were not holding the blades tightly. I attacked him with scissors to at least get some wool off. One of our Facebook friends saw the post and donated 4 sets of Oster clippers! Now, I can do a proper job as soon as my hand is a few more days improved. Thank you, Karen!

Rambeau with his terrible haircut, sleeping in his hay

Our favorite, “tame” wild bunny, “Broken Ears” has not been here in weeks. He had been losing weight and had sniffles after being injured in a fight a few months ago. He was a tough little guy who often took off on “walkabouts” during the spring mating season. He was at our neighbors a few days after he was last here…but now seems to be gone. I miss him so much. He was losing weight despite lots of food & I could feel all his bones when I petted him (yes, he allowed that). He was at least 3-4 years old and cottontails have a short life expectancy in the desert.

Broken Ears April 2

I caught a great video of our big gopher snake climbing the pine tree.





The old and “damaged” horses continue to act like crazy kids.

We are so grateful to our friends and donors, without whom we could not continue to provide a safe haven for so many animals, domestic and wild.

Love, Cathy & the Gang

Lucky, 19 year old mustang who arrived 5 years ago

Warrior, 29 year old mustang, here since 2012

Poco, our brave little burro

Poco said to remind everyone that he has books available!


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  1. jackie carroll says:

    I am so glad you are feeling better. Thank you for all you do despite not feeling well. Please take care and watch yourself. Love to you and the gang from my gang and me

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Hi, Jackie!! Thank you so much and much love to the Picked on Pony gang!!

  3. Judy T Torgerson says:

    Oh Cathy – so sorry to hear you were sick! I’m glad you are feeling better – you take such good care of your “rescues” – and you should also take care of yourself! Hugs to all the “gang” and a special one for you!

  4. Catherine Ritlaw says:

    TY, Judy, I have kept myself alive for > 20 years, trust me, I work hard at it daily. Hugs to you!!

  5. Martine Michelle says:

    Hello Cathy,
    Glad to hear you are on the mend!
    Smiles & hugs,
    Martine from Toronto
    PS I am sending a video link about soothing music for dogs.
    Shelters that are playing it are amazed at the calming effect on both the dogs and humans who care for them. (:)

  6. Catherine Ritlaw says:

    Martine, oh how funny! Thank you. I just edited the news and added that Buddy got his own CD player so he can listen to “Through A Dog’s Ear”. We have 3 of their CDs from years ago. <3

  7. Katrin Winterer says:

    Hi Cathy, it’s always hard to hear of the challenges you continue to deal with when you aren’t well…being the sole caretaker and guardian of your animal family must be overwhelming when your have your own health issues.

    Please take care of yourself and stay strong. I always appreciate reading about your naturalistic remedies.

    With love and appreciation for all you continue to do for those in your care.

    Katrin Winterer

  8. Catherine Ritlaw says:

    TY, Katrin! I did have some help from the gals next door over the past few months, but I am managing alone now. Love you!

  9. Jenny Bone says:

    Dear Cathy,

    You are amazing! You cope with all these challenges thrown at you. How I don’t know but you do and you still manage to look after all the horses, burros, sheep, Buddy and the surrounding wildlife.

    I’m so sorry about your hand, but glad it’s on the mend. I too am very interested in your treatments for various ailments.

    Thank you for your newsletter. And thank goodness you have your internet fixed.



  10. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you so much! Love, Cathy

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