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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter June 16, 2018

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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter June 16, 2018

Warm weather has finally hit us, with a few days of 100 degrees this past week, but cooler today, thank goodness. We also have had almost daily strong winds. Dumping, scrubbing and refilling water tubs takes more time than feeding the horses and burros.

Windy, one of our 16 year old mustang mares, got a laceration on her face. It may have been a bite or kick or she may have cut herself on a small piece of metal trim I found the horses had pulled out from one shelter, leaving it sticking out a few inches. At any rate, she is halter broke but very fearful due to abuse while used in “horse tripping” years ago before being rescued. We closed her into Knickers’ old corral so I could hose it if needed and also gave her oral antibiotics and some herbals to help her heal, which she did. After a 8 days, I turned her out and she was quite calm but all the others decided it deserved a celebration.

Poco sings a lot, as usual. He is such a cheerful boy despite his handicap and is a reminder to always be strong and grateful.

We have some sad news. Noel, the packrat, passed away. After a year and a half of relocating him due to his destructiveness, he ended up living in captivity another year and a half. Solitary and secretive in the wild, he seemed quite content to live safely and well fed in his big cage. He enjoyed getting new trinkets and colorful objects on a regular basis and would redecorate his cage almost nightly.



We got 13 tons of new Bermuda grass hay in June 3, which will last about 100 days.

Buddy’s mouth has healed nicely after his dental surgery and cleaning 5 weeks ago. He is a very “different” dog, preferring to play tag than to be petted. His favorite game is darting in and out at me to then receive a biscuit or bit of meat. He also likes to run around me barking as if he will attack, but it’s all a game. I adore him.

Buddy, biscuit time

As always, thank you for your support.


Cathy & the Gang

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  1. jackie carroll says:

    Love you. We celebrated Spirit’s 16th birthday and I sent you his blog and poem I wrote, hope you got it. Love from the gang

  2. Nancy Finn says:

    You treat all your animals amazingly !

  3. Catherine Ritlaw says:

    Hi, Jackie! I need to go look! TY! Happy Birthday to Spirit!

    Hi, Nancy! Thank you so much.

    Thank you both for supporting us!


  4. Janet Ortega says:

    Super cool video! Looks like they’re having a really fun day! Glad the mare is doing well. We’re enjoying my husband’s birthday with his daughter & family from out of town in Vegas but will be back soon for the every day horse duties. I enjoy your updates.

  5. Catherine Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Janet! Happy Birthday to him & enjoy the day!

  6. Judy T Torgerson says:

    Love your newsletter, Cathy – it’s always so interesting
    to read!

  7. Catherine Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Judy!

  8. Bonnie Bates says:

    Thank you, so enjoyed seeing the horses running and having fun.

  9. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Wish you were here!

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