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January 21, 2011 News

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All the JERAS gang are doing well. The horses are enjoying the winter weather. Patty and Shyla, the dogs who arrived in December, have settled in well. Patty is much calmer and happy now that her thyroid disease is being treated. Her low thyroid was missed by vets over a 4 year period and several different homes. This caused her to be anxious and aggressive, resulting in her running away from home and being abandoned at shelters. Shyla has recovered from the kennel cough she arrived with. Despite it being very contagious, only Bear developed a slight cough that lasted a mere 2 days. I do a lot to strengthen the animal’s immune systems. In fact, we have website pages devoted to horse and dog health. Please visit and share them.
Much of my time, after caring for the ranch animals, is devoted to educating others via networking about animal care and health issues. I can at least tell others what works for us. Dealing with years of my own chronic illness has taught me a lot.
I also spent several hours a day networking animals about to be killed at shelters. Sometimes it means copying/pasting the animal’s picture and info onto an email and then Googling for local rescues or specific breed rescues in that animal’s area. These emails save lives. It is very gratifying to get a message back telling me that the shared information has just saved an innocent life. I also post animals to Facebook pages devoted to a particular breed. A lot of breed rescues also help with even part-bred animals, so it is always worth the effort for me to at least try.
Once again, thank you for your support. These animals depend on you and I am grateful that you care.
Cathy & The Gang
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