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Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter July 19, 2019

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Summer is here! We have been hitting 100 degrees or a bit hotter ever day. The horses and burros have multiple shelters which they sometimes use to escape the sun. Buddy the dog spends a lot of time in his air conditioned shed. Our domestic rabbits get their well-shaded pens hosed down and are not showing signs of stress. The wild animals have 8 pans of water which they are really going through, requiring re-filing several times a day. One bold baby cottontail prefers the bird bath and climbs in to drink and perhaps cool off.

Buddy still insists on his early morning trot with the electric scooter and I usually hose him off before we go, which keeps him cool.

We have a bumper crop of wildlife babies this year. Dozens of quail show up daily. There are juvenile cottontails & jackrabbits everywhere. Cuckoo Bird (roadrunner) has shown up with his mate to drink, but we don’t know if they raised young or not. We are raising 2 tiny baby quail who got stranded and separated from their family. They have been here 2 weeks and are wild as can be. They are living in a fabric & mesh puppy play pen we had stored away. The photo is from 9 days ago.

We are adjacent to Federal and State lands and people sometimes are in the area target shooting. Poor Windy, rescued from going to slaughter in 2010, gets stressed even with the gunshots 1/2 mile or more from us. She goes into the shelter and paws at the inside wall. Her history (along with Rene’, who she came with) is that of being used in horse tripping, a very cruel, and in most places, illegal “sport”. Maybe she was also exposed to gunshots or maybe it goes back to her first year on the Nellis Air Force Base. If only they could tell us.

Windy & Rene’, mustangs

Poco says “hello!”

I do the hoof trimming and hooves in the desert are hard as steel, even with overflowing the water tubs so they get some moisture. I just found a new type of hoof rasp that is many times more efficient. I am very pleased! It is a Dymondback Rasp from Cody James Tools. It is made to allow for refills, instead of discarding the entire rasp & they offer fine, medium and aggressive blades. https://codyjamestools.com/

What I thought was a knee injury is actually a Valley Fever infection in my knee. Unfortunately, I was misdiagnosed with “asthma” more than 20 years ago, only to discover It was VF, which I did not need on top of Lyme I contracted in 1972. I increased my anti-fungal and have less pain now. There is no cure for either late stage, disseminated Lyme or VF, all one can do is try to control them & detox the toxins they produce. My Dad is getting hospice care in his home in Colorado & I have not been able to travel for many years, so thank goodness for the telephone. I am very thankful that my neighbors are doing most of the feeding, 3 times a day, in trade for some land I own which will double the size of their place. I am spending 2 hours a day just watering, the horses are going through 30 gallons a day each! Many of my childhood friends are no longer alive, so I count my blessings as long as I am breathing and on my feet.

We spent $700 at the feed store this week and have a $3500 hay pellet delivery coming tomorrow. That is 12- 1500# bags of hay pellets, which will last about 3 months for 12 horses, 4 burros & the 1 sheep. As always most of our funds are spent on feed, supplements & a few supplies.

1500# sacks of hay pellets

We have a very generous supporter who will double your donations through mid August. Please consider helping.


Cathy & the Gang

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  1. kathryn szydlowski says:

    why is Poco’s face covered? i love him and i love donkeys and i love and respect all animals and creatures and when it comes to humans, you are without a doubt one of the most sensitive and brave, a true defender of God’s gift to us, precious animals. It breaks my heart that they continue to be tortured and traumatized and eaten (worldwide) truly stupid and evil !!!
    ps/ i still have my lovely Poco book, a treasure :0)

  2. Catherine h Ritlaw says:

    Hi, Kathyrn! Thank you so very much! He is wearing a fly mask, mesh he can see through. It comes off at night. We have very few flies, but it also protects his eyes from the sun and wind. Being able to help a few animals makes life more bearable. It’s a cruel world.

  3. Helen Fleming says:

    Hi Catherine,

    It’s very possible that LDN (low-dose naltrexone) could do more than just Control both the Lyme and VF. There is much information about LDN, a good deal from people who have actually cured themselves taking this inexpensive, legal drug. Search for Francie Stull for a personal story of her success with MS.
    The LDN Conference content is now available.

    Along with those you care for so unselfishly, we all appreciate your attention to their needs. Hopefully, you also will find relief in dealing with disability and the quality of your life improves.
    Best regards,
    Helen Fleming
    Dripping Springs TX

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thanks, Helen. I tried LDN several times. It up-regulated my innate immune system and almost killed me. I read that it can do this for a very few people & I am one of them. What has helped is treating mitochondrial dysfunction with supplements, and taking itraconazole & oregano oil. I can’t kill Lyme without becoming very toxic and heading into sepsis. I do a lot of detox, but have > 70 genetic liver detox mutations.

  5. Judy Torgerson says:

    As usual, Love your newsletter – you take such good care of your rescues, Cathy – bless your heart.

  6. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Judy! Love you.

  7. jackie carroll says:

    It’s hot here too. So glad Spirit and PeeWee have gone, although I miss them as neither of them could have taken the heat and humidity. Feed now lasts a lot longer!!. Thank you for the picture of Miss Barkie Beagle, I really miss her and I know you do too, but you gave her end of life care with dignity, respect and love. Love you and please take care and be safe

  8. Catherine Ritlaw says:

    Hi, Jackie. I know you miss them but you are right about the heat. At least we are drier here, but it has been hot and our monsoon season is coming. We do cool down 30 degrees at night which helps. I miss everyone who has gone, I don’t think you ever get fully done grieving, at least I don’t. We love you.

  9. Bonnie Bates says:

    As always a great newsletter and wonderful pictures of the animals!

  10. Catherine h Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Bon!!

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