July 31 st


Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary August 1, 2020 Newsletter

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July was pretty eventful here. Lucky & Bayron were due to ship out to join the other 4 we sent to Healing Hearts. When trying to urge Bayron into the trailer with Lucky, he panicked & bolted through several electric fences & ended up with the 2 burros. Realizing he is much too wild & untouchable to go there, we sent Lucky off & Bayron stayed. He was introduced to mustang herd & is slowly fitting in. Scout has taken a liking to him. Photo above.

Lucky settled in quickly and is enjoying horsey popsicles and melon that a wonderful volunteer named Michele brings 3 times a week. Lucky had been abused prior to coming to us in 2013 & was always wary of people. He & Bayron became best friends, but Bayron’s fear of people only made Lucky worse. At Healing Hearts, he is calm with his 4 former friends and even allows some hands on rubbing.

Lucky 3 days after arriving at Healing Hearts

Diego with his quirky personality is a big hit with the volunteers.

Diego enjoying a popsicle- fruit & veggies in ice
Dakota has gained some weight and allows brushing and mane braiding, when she is in the mood

Our vet was out to do a few dentals and blood work on Buddy. All Buddy’s test results were in normal range. Addison’s medications can be tricky & we were glad he is getting the correct doses, though they tend to need increasing doses of fludrocortisone over time. I had to increase him 3X (going by symptoms) since his last lab work in Jan. We still battle his mitichondrial dysfunction using supplements. He was getting very fatigued until it dawned on me to try B12 injections (which I take). Wow, almost immediate improvement. Dogs with IBD are often deficient, something I learned from googling. The oral B12 he gets was not being absorbed.

Buddy “hiding” from me.

Dental day.


Poco and Chico (now “Teddy”) are thriving at Equine WellBeing Rescue. Poco continues to run his Facebook page with Christine’s help. Look at the shine!

Cuckoo Bird & his wife are now bringing their child for handouts.

Cuckoo on my doormat! He’s very demanding.

Our weather has been terribly hot. Thank goodness Buddy & I have A/C & it runs 24/7. A few of the horses line up to be hosed off, too.

Well, no Poco song for you, but we have a beautiful sunrise & smiling Rambeau.

July 19 sunrise
Silly Rambeau begging for a cookie

Thank you for your support & be sure to “like” Equine WellBeing Rescue https://www.facebook.com/EquineWellBeingRescue/

and Healing Hearts Refuge & Rescue https://www.facebook.com/HealingHeartsAZ

on Facebook. Also, Michele is pampering our 5 horses at Healing Hearts and has a nice website. Check out her beautiful & uplifting things. https://www.facebook.com/HighVibeHumanityClothing/


Cathy& The Gang

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  1. jackie carroll says:

    Glad that most of the transfers went off without a hitch and glad that Scout has taken Bayron under his hoof, hopefully Cheyenne isn’t too miffed. Please take care in this heat, the humidity here is horrible. Be safe and love as always, jackie

  2. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    thank you, Jackie! Amazingly, Cheyenne is calm and not always glued to Scout all the time. Could it be she thought he needed a babysitter? Stay cool as possible!

  3. Judy T Torgerson says:

    Hi Cathy, what a lovely update on your newsletter. I am so glad you found two wonderful places to send your “kids” too. Poco, Chico (aka Teddy) both look absolutely content. Glad the horses are fitting into their new homes. Love to Buddy, and you!

  4. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    Thank you, Judy. It was stressful but I am very happy that all are doing well. Love you!

  5. Chris Mehling says:

    Cathy, Moving your charges to their new homes/new lives must be bittersweet. Glad to know they will be well cared for and happy. You are so caring and have such a big heart.
    sending virtual hugs.

  6. Catherine h Ritlaw says:

    ty, Chris!

  7. Trish Ranstrom says:

    Bittersweet news indeed, I am very happy to hear how the animals of JERAS are to have continued good life and care, attention and loving homes.
    I am grateful for you, for your existence, for your boundless giving of yourself, your energy, your skills and strength, your sacrifices and endless love for the innocents and abused you save.
    I think of you as an angel among us and I am oh so fortunate to know you, even if it is only a virtual friendship, it’s one I cherish. Many hugs, be well Cathy, we love very much.
    Trish n Lukey

  8. Cathy Ritlaw says:

    ty trish! love you and luke!

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