JERAS is about the animals living here and about saving other animals. It is not about me. However, I was advised to share comments and kudos received, so here are some of them. You can also see reviews at our Great Nonprofits page- http://greatnonprofits.org/reviews/journeys-end-ranch-animal-sanctuary/

Thank you!

Catherine is a meticulous and knowledgeable animal caretaker-Robin W. Waldron, DVM

This lady does everything herself to save the animals in her care. Please donate anything you can!!- Janice Hollenczer

I think it’s awesome what you do for these animals.-Sandra Vanderhoff

You just saved a life.  I have been struggling for 6 weeks with a dog we thought was having neurological problems. He has been falling on his face, heavy shedding, whining, extreme high energy spells of behavior & restlessness & sleeplessness. He has extremely low thyroid & is now on Soloxine.  He is stumbling much less, sleeping well, his behavior is now more level & he has gained weight.  Was very thin.  -Cheryl Weatherford

…But sure enjoyed working with you yesterday. Your horses are wonderfully cared for and your dedication to their care is obvious. What lucky horses. You are AWESOME!!!! So glad I got to come your way…You take such awesome care of your animals – I am really so proud to know you as a fellow rescuer and person.   -Christine Griffin, Cert. Equine Vet. and Dental Tech.

Thank you for being such a staunch protector and advocate for homeless animals.  You have dedicated your life to them and you are a great example of a rescue with equal amounts of integrity and compassion.  I wish there were more people like you, and am very grateful to have you as a friend…..Thanks for being so responsible and diligent with all the animals in your network.  Very admirable and sets the precedent for all rescues to follow.  Much love and luck to you,-Terry Phillips

…. there is definitely something about you that brings good things to those around you….-Soso Whaley

Hi Catherine, Your new site looks beautiful.  It is the efforts of folks like you who restore my faith.-John Holland

When I donate to you or organizations you support, I know exactly where the money is going. I have a personal relationship with you and know you live your life to save these wonderful animals.-Joyce Mitchell

Thank you sooo much for the pics! I am so happy that he is happy.  I knew he would be better off with someone who knew how to take care of him.  God Bless you for what you do!!!! -Kim Faumuina

I just want to say (again perhaps) how much I enjoy your posts. Though I can’t do anything to help homeless, neglected or abused horses financially I try to help by increasing awareness…that’s why I repost so many of your posts…you sure do find some gems! The information, while upsetting, NEEDS to be known by so many more people!-Laura Adams

Was just on your site looking around.  You’ve got some very happy looking equines.-Lisa Ross-Williams

This is an impressive sanctuary and I think you and she have several things in common!  Rescuing horses, mules, burros, dogs, etc. and even an adorable pig (Wilbur!).  And she does it all with several disabilities!!!  She is surely to be commended! Maybe you even know her?!!  Just thought, if you didn’t, you’d enjoy reading about her sanctuary – and … you never know when either you or she can help each other!!!I highlighted some of the ‘kids’ that came from TX below! But they’ve even rescued from KY, CA & other states!!-Val Laughton


I don’t know how you manage everything you do, but it’s an encouragement to me. I’m just about to propose creating a job for myself with a rescue. Just amazing, what you can do for the animals even with your health not up to par.All my best,-Reisa Stone

Just wanted to tell you that I love you. You are 100% honest, dependable, and so caring and smart. -Terry Philips
Hi Catherine ☺
I just wanted to personally thank you for having crossed my path in 2011.
It has been a busy year for me, on many levels, learning not only about the majestic wild Horses and burros,
But also social skills, the intricacies and the real beauty of people.
You have added great value to my life, to my experience, and am all the richer for our interactions.
I thank you, for the time shared, and for all that you are doing to enrich this planet where it needs it the most, in the hearts of our fellow man.
Steadfastly and true showing them a pure path, helping those who need help, being a voice for the voiceless, being generous with your heart.
wishing you my very very best wishes for 2012 !!
Bless you and yours,

You are certainly welcome Cathy.  Unfortunately due to the people that have chosen to open fake rescues people are hesitant to give.  I have no hesitation to donate to your rescue.  I know how hard you work and how much you care.  Apparently so does everyone else as I have NEVER heard a bad word about you or the rescue.  Its refreshing to see this.  Blessings to you for the work you do and for you love of the animals.  I know they know what you do for them. My donation isn’t much but its at least something that you can count on monthly.
-Morgan Griffith

GOD BLESS YOU and all JERAS does to educate the public and help animals in need. YOUR ROCK!!  – Allison Morris

Just want you to know – you may have saved my female coon dog’s life. She has been a raving bitch for 6 months. We were going to put her down this Weds. but now we are going to have her tested for thyroid problems. She has several of the symptoms. We just thought she had a stroke and was nuts. So lucky for her I found you! – Judy Cubel

Catherine, This is an update on the hounds. Whisper has been rescued by a rescue in another state – Louisiana I think. I’m going to take Katie. The Humane Society will hold her until Friday for me. So many people responded to your plea for help that I doubt I will have any problems finding a ride for her to Lubbock. I can meet a transporter in Lubbock. Now it’s just a matter of my being able to get away from work long enough to get her “bail out” money sent. Living in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the national forest, has great advantages.. but some disadvantages. Still, I am going to aim to be at Western Union this afternoon or tomorrow morning – and will prayerfully make it. None of this could have happened without your help and I sincerely thank you.  – Denise Elaine Auchmoedy-Bundy

Jackie Carroll- I love your videos. I know that you are hurting from your meeting the rear feet of Knickers, but you are one super person, never letting anything get in the way of taking care of your ‘kids’ thank you

Dear Friends, this Rescue called “Journeys End” is run by Catherine Ritlaw. She is one of our FAVORITE advocates and Rescues. This lady helps keep us all informed of the DAILY news on protection and advocacy of Horses, Burros, Dogs and other beings we love ♥. Personally, Catherine is a great inspiration to me because she is so SAVVY about her Rescue-never taking on more than she can feed and house. So, when she asks for assistance, I know its for a good cause and the money will be used wisely. My endorsement for what its worth- for Catherine Ritlaw and the Journeys End Ranch Rescue.!! Thank you for your Care and assistance in these crazy times…♥ Susan Leffingwell

.A nice compliment from Loralyn, who transported Tucker to us:
“.. Tucker is such a gentleman! So gentle and mild-mannered. It is so nice to see him smiling, Cathy. Your sanctuary is amazing… Thank you for the opportunity to help out!  I LOVE this sanctuary. The animals are clean, safe, and loved. I highly encourage all my friends to support it!”

Jackie Carroll commented on Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary’s link.
Jackie wrote: “If I couldn’t take care of my animals any more, the only place that I would feel comfortable for them to live in is with Cathy, and I really mean that”

Cathy & Scout




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