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 Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary Newsletter September 18, 2018

First, we want to thank everyone who has donated and shared our current matching funds hay drive. We now have $1800 towards our winter supply and donations will be doubled through September, thanks to a wonderful supporter. Our goal is $3000. Our hay runs about $800 a month and hay pellets run about $650. Pellets cost twice as much as hay, but some of the seniors can no longer chew hay and require soaked pellets.The 13 horses and 4 burros thank you!

Good news about Penny! She is our 28 year old mare who came up with some rather severe hind end issues a few months ago. Our vet suspected spinal arthritis. She improved with an anti-inflammatory, but had several relapses during which walking was difficult. We were about to have the vet out to euthanize her but decided to not give up too soon. After adding additional joint supplements, she is now back to her old normal self and even cantered the other day.

Penny Aug. 20

Red, a 24 year old mustang with a prior history of neglect, has now been here almost 4 years. We love watching & sharing this video of his first taste of freedom here, after years of living in a small pen. He also used to have frequent bouts of colic until he passed a bezoar composed of hair & minerals 2 years ago. We suspect he may have eaten hair some years ago when he was starving (2 homes before coming here).


A few words about Jernigan products. First, their Neuro Antitox took me from being bedridden with fatigue in 2008 to starting this Non Profit a year later. Dr. Jernigan runs a Lyme & wellness clinic in Kansas, The Hansa Center. He is an expert on treating chronic illness and “stealth pathogens.”

We discovered that the Antitox also seems to detox rattlesnake venom!

You can get free shipping & we get a % of sales purchased through this link:

Well, Kola, a 14 year old mustang, had a leg laceration that is now healed, but we put her on Jernigan Microbojen to fight infection. Kola came at age 2 and had been through a lot of stress with BLM. She had been born on a long term holding facility in Oklahoma. She arrived at age 2 with insulin resistance and was always lethargic and just not an alert, normal mustang. 

Within a week, she was alert and even opting to canter around a bit on her own. She may very well have chronic Lyme disease or some other mutated “bug”, but the Microbojen has transformed her. The leg wound was a blessing in disguise. She is more active and her hooves are also improving. She has also lost her big belly.

Buddy had a bath yesterday. He had one in May and was terrified of the water, but was pretty relaxed this time. We have done and tried a lot to alleviate his fear & anxiety. Low dose thyroid hormone has helped. We even use a veterinary laser that a wonderful supporter gave us. We use it on his head as they can help with brain inflammation. It’s hard to know whether he was never socialized many years ago as a pup or if the 11 vaccinations he received in a 4 month period last fall (with a shelter & by a vet) caused brain damage. He gets premium food, supplements and real meat every day. He is pretty content here with just me. He greatly dislikes anyone else who may come by (which is not often). He likes me to chase him, we play “tag” and is good about having his teeth brushed and seems to enjoy T-Touch we do daily. I love him so much, but he is sure not your usual doggie.

Rawhide, yum!

We hope that all our friends back east survived the storm and flooding. Knowing that many factory farmed animals and even pets were left to fend for themselves and maybe drown is very disturbing, but we must carry on and fight for animal welfare everywhere.

Thank you for your support.


Cathy & The Gang



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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter August 18, 2018

Matching Funds Hay Drive!

Our very generous benefactor will be matching funds on donations made through September for purchasing our winter supply of hay. Your donations will be doubled! You can go to our donate page the one time donate button is on the lower right or you may want to consider becoming a monthly supporter. Checks can be mailed to:

Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary
3085 East Prairie Hill Rd.
Kingman, AZ 86409

Thank you!

One of our wonderful mustangs, Lucky, has now been here 5 years, thanks to his sponsor.

He arrived emotionally shut down, after having been abandoned on a highway in California and then ending up at an animal shelter. He was ridden in his past, but has ringbone and is not usable and was going to be put down. For his first few months here, he would stand off by himself, gazing at the mountains to our West where wild horses live. He must have been remembering his first few years in the wild, before being captured. Eventually, he began to socialize with the others and has become the patriarchal figure in his group. He is a peacemaker and has always been the one to welcome a new arrival and give them comfort. Horses are capable of amazing understanding and compassion.

Our summer has been brutally hot and humid, due to summer monsoonal rains. The small animals have misters and the equines are not bothered much, but consume a lot of water. Scrubbing water tubs is a daily chore to prevent algae. We had another wind/rain/dust storm blow through and this one blew the roof off a cattle barn a few miles from us. We just had metal and plastic feed tubs picked up, carried over fences and deposited a few hundred feet away from where they started. This is a photo taken by our neighbors down the road.

The forecast calls for eventual cooling into the low 90s by the end of the month, thank goodness. The rain did get some grass growing which is good for the wildlife and wild horses in the nearby Cerbat Mountains. This photo was taken by a friend who lives a few miles away.

Cerbat stallions

Poco is a daily reminder to keep a positive attitude. Nothing really bothers him and he is always cheery, despite his handicap and the summer heat.

Rattlesnakes! The torrential rain we had about 6 weeks ago seems to have either drowned or driven off our 6 resident non-venomous snakes. I have only seen one since then. Well, they say “Nature abhors a vacuum”. Sure enough, we had 3 rattlers show up behind the house and the dog and I almost stepped on one. I frantically searched for a solution and got some snake repellent called Snake Mace. It is natural essential oils in a rice hull base. I sprinkled it around Buddy’s perimeter fence late in the afternoon and also in a few places I thought might attract rattlers behind the house. I came back an hour later and there was a rattler literally “passed out” in the yard. He was alive, but immobilized. The essential oils  disrupt their sense of smell and that is said to repel them. This snake must have been hiding where I spread some of the Snake Mace. Pretty amazing. In addition, one of our BOD members bought us 2 solar ultrasonic snake repellers that go in the ground and vibrate, emit beeps and have LED lights for night time. Not sure if they help, but they keep scaring me! Buddy is not bothered by them. Thank you, Joyce!

On a personal note, my Dad, who lives in Colorado, lost his little dog of 16 years. Despite health challenges, Dad took Clyde for walks in the park daily. Losing him has been very hard. I posted it to Facebook and more than 200 people commented and sent their support and empathy. I told my father and it meant a lot to him and to me. Thank you.

Dad and Clyde 2017


Thank you for your support and please don’t forget the matching funds hay drive. 17 equines depend on you and are most appreciative!


Cathy & the Gang


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July 17 th


Journey’s End Ranch News July 17, 2018

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Journey’s End Ranch News July 17, 2018

First of all, we experienced the craziest storm I have ever lived through, including East coast hurricanes and blizzards. Monday, July 9, just as I was going out to feed dinner, a dust storm blew in, followed by 2 inches of rain in an hour. Winds in our area were clocked at 75 mph! The rain was blowing horizontally, almost a whiteout and lightening was exploding right overhead. I had no choice but to feed. At one point, the wind was so strong that I took refuge in the burro shelter and it was rocking back and forth about 6 inches. I have never felt so connected to Nature in my life, it was surreal and exhilarating. All the animals survived just fine. The hay in the shed stayed dry. About 10 gallons of water blew through the cracks around my front door and I had some mopping to do when I came in. The neighbor’s teepee was destroyed. Phew!

I had a phone interview for a radio show that highlights non profits. It is called, “Give a Little, Give a Lot” and airs on DCN Internet Radio. I hope they use our interview and I hope it helps.

Penny came up with some hind end issue that our vet suspects it is spinal or pelvic arthritis. She is 28 and not too uncomfortable. She just walks slowly. She is getting an anti-inflammatory and always gets turmeric and pepper, which is a natural anti-inflammatory combo. She is eating well and happy and we don’t believe it is time to let her go quite yet. Better to wait and see if she improves or gets worse. Aug. 8 update, she is walking better .

Penny, April 2017


Our black bunny, Blackie, became sick suddenly and we suspected possibly a snake bite, but he never developed swelling. We treated him for one day and he died that night. It was very sad, but at least he had some good times here and did not end up on someone’s dinner table as he might have. Scooter was quite sad, so our neighbors gave us a tiny baby albino bunny, who is named “Fluffy”, after the white rabbit I had as a kid. Fluffy is in a 1/2 inch mesh, snake proof  wire cage until he gets a bit bigger and then can go into bigger, elevated cage. Our neighbors also raise rabbits for meat, so Fluffy got lucky.He has been here 2 weeks. Scooter is in his big elevated cage, too, until snake season is over, just in case. Scooter is happy again.



The rats love their mister and the rabbits have one, too.

I sawed off Poco’s extra hoof material, which takes about 30 minutes of sawing by hand, it is very dense.

The heat and humidity are hard to deal with, but we have 9 months of beautiful, mild weather, so we can’t complain too much.

Thank you for your support! We will be having a hay drive soon and donations will be matched.


Cathy & the Gang

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