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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter May 9, 2017

After the 2 wild wind storms last month, our one mustang shelter needed repair. The dirt it is on had not been properly leveled in the beginning, a few years ago. Since the person who had been paid to do the leveling work was not willing to help us, our friends Bill & Audrey came to help. None of us are “spring chickens” and two of us are “bionic” people with hardware and replaced parts, but we did a good job. Bill gets most of the credit. We removed the bolts that held the high side of the shed to its anchors, lifted that side a bit, dug out under the base plate about 5 inches, let the building back down, replaced bolts and hammered rebar, that also secures it, deeper into the ground. Bill had to remove the OSB interior wall to do the work & then replace it. Since the shed had been rocking in the wind, it was out of square and not quite plumb, so Bill dug  holes for 2 railroad ties, put them in cement and came back the next day to secure the shed to the ties with heavy, rigid steel straps. Unless we get a tornado, the shed won’t be moving in the future. Thank you, Bill & Audrey!

Shelter Repaired


We had a little scare with Mariah last week. I noticed Mariah leaving her hay & pawing the ground one morning. She has had a few gassy colics in the 13 years she has been here. I immediately cored a carrot & put 7 GasX in it. She ate that. I then went to soak some hay pellets to give her 8 oz. of Milk of Magnesia. By the time I did that, she had returned to eating. I gave her the MM anyway, just to be safe. She was fine & we were happy it did not escalate into a full blown colic. Catching things early can make a big difference. Mariah is a 14 year old mustang, captured at the age of 5 months and joined us 6 months later. She has joint abnormalities due to injuries sustained when being chased 12 miles as a baby and also imbalanced feeding while with the BLM. She enjoys life, but would never be “usable”.


We just got the second half of our hay order and had to put it on pallets and covered with a tarp. It came two days ago & today it is raining, but all is well. We wanted to stock up while this very clean, fine hay was available. Thank you K & M Hay!

12 tons of hay under tarp


The older horses have been acting like kids with daily play. They sure don’t let age or injuries slow them down.

Diego & Bayron


Poco & Chico have also been playing & Poco sings a lot. The trick is to be there with the video camera at the right time.

Evening play

I gave the burros some lilac trimmings & Poco was suspicious.


After 2 months on anti-fungals for Valley Fever, my lungs are considerably better. I still feel like the tin man in need of an oiling, but both Lyme and Valley Fever attacks joints, so I am probably stuck with it. I am just grateful to be able to breath again.

Thank you for your support.

Cathy & The Gang

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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter April 9, 2017

We had some crazy weather this past month, with a few severe wind storms and a dust storm.


The horses have been playful in the cool weather.

Poco has been singing up a storm.

Poco came up very lame on his “bad” foot 2 weeks ago. I had a hard time figuring out if it was an issue with his deformed foot or a sprained fetlock joint. We gave him an anti-inflammatory for a few days with no improvement, which indicated it was not his joint. Then a soft spot appeared at the hairline above his foot. Abscess! That explained the severe pain. Despite regular flushing with a disinfectant, the crack in his deformed foot sometimes allows bacteria to enter and cause an infection. We soaked him in epsom salt and iodine a few days and it broke open at the hairline. After draining & flushing for a few days, he healed up and was once again using that leg. He is such a trooper.

Abscess right before it opened up

Our Vice President, Bonnie, adopted one of the dogs rescued from a local hoarding situation. After the place was shut down, someone had adopted him 2 months ago, then dumped him at our local shelter. He had already endured at least 7 years of living neglected and outdoors with the hoarder who had > 250 dogs & cats. He is 9 years old and just now learning how to live in a home, get daily walks and good care. She has named him Toby.


We have a few gopher snakes cruising around. Since they compete with rattlers, we are glad to have them.

gopher snake

Our contest winnings covered a semi load of beautiful new hay. We got half delivered yesterday and the other half will be here in a few weeks.
Thank you for your votes!

Hooray! New hay!

On a personal note- I had barely been able to breathe or walk for months. I already take 3 meds for reactive airway disease and Lyme arthritis is something I just live with. Mold exposures make my legs wobbly.I thought I was just getting much worse. Thankfully, I did some research and discovered the weird rash I had in Dec. was a very distinctive Valley Fever rash. Valley Fever is a fungal infection caused by spores found in the desert soil. It affects the lungs, joints and any other organs and can be fatal. I started taking an anti-fungal and nebulizing a few different anti-microbial substances that I tolerate. I had some immediate improvement, but then started going downhill again in a few weeks. I then suspected a secondary bacterial pneumonia. I started Keflex and had immediate improvement. So, I had been walking around with double pneumonia for months. With my severe chemical sensitivities, I cannot go in to the hospital for tests or scans, so I am on my own. I also must be careful with any drugs, because my liver cannot detoxify many of them well. Another interesting thing is that the chronic heart pain I have had for 4 years went away. I read that Keflex is used for bacterial endocarditis, so I probably had an infection in my heart, too. At any rate, I am optimistic now, though still very ill. It goes to show we must never give up & must always keep looking for answers.

Thank you for your support.

Cathy & The Gang

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Windy & Scout, mustangs

Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter March 9, 2017

Great news!  We won the Eagle Rare Life prize for my entry in the Survivor category & will receive $5,000. Thank you for voting over the 6 month period. The votes got us into the top 30, from which 7 winners were chosen by Eagle Rare. They decided winners by which stories they found the most inspiring. We are very grateful! The funds will go towards purchasing hay and hay pellets.

Local papers also covered the story.

(this link works, for some reason, WordPress put a line thru it)

We also just received our 2017 banner from Great Nonprofits. We needed new reviews and, thanks to our supporters, got the number required very quickly.

One of our board members had a nice story on Facebook. Thank you, Darcy!

We decided to place 6 of our burros with a wonderful national burro rescue/sanctuary organization, to lessen my work load. My health issues are a daily challenge, and they will get further training and handling before being offered to adoptive homes. The organization (Peaceful Valley) microchips all animals and retains legal ownership, thus insuring a safe future. The 6 arrived safely in Texas in mid February. We sent them with enough funds to feed them for a year. We have a contract with a wild horse sanctuary for some of our other horses and burros, leaving them property and life insurance when the time comes. So, we now have 15 horses, 4 burros and 2 sheep. Poco and his buddy Chico are here and also our 2 original jennies who have been here for 13 years. It was a hard decision to make, but we feel the best for all involved, especially the 2 burros born here in 2012, who have very long lives ahead of them.

Poco has been singing a lot. 


All the animals have been very playful.

All of the horses and burros are shedding like crazy, very early, but the weather has been warm. I have some electric fence repair to do, as our winds are hard on the fencing.

28 year old Warrior, taking a run


Bayron & Warrior playing

Once again, thank you for your support and your votes!

Cathy and the Gang

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