We took in a 3 year old New Zealand rabbit Oct. 2, 2017

He had been kept in a 2 X 2 foot hutch and had been eating grain based horse pellets for 2 months because someone gave his prior owner a sack of “rabbit” food that was not. They are moving & could not take him. He now has four times the space plus an exercise yard & is happy to be getting rabbit food (hay based), hay, leaves and fresh veggies. He has wooden toys to chew & learned  to use a litter pan in 2 days.



Made a bunny house out of a plastic storage box with a pad. He likes it




Scooter was looking longingly at the wild rabbits ad seemed lonely, so we got a second rabbit December 12. He is a 5 month old Satin breed. Since he and his siblings were offered for sale as pets or meat, we may have saved him from an early demise. He and Scooter now share a 10 by 10 foot pen which is split down the middle to avoid possible arguments.They seem to like each other, though and touch noses through the fence.




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