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We had a lot happening this past month.

The semi-feral rabbit who moved in and had 6 babies was a great mother. It was fun watching them grow, but always a bit painful knowing they would have to go to new homes. We did keep one, shy black female.

One day, I went out to feed lunch and found “Cuckoo Bird”, the roadrunner, in one of the water tubs. He was afloat, head out of the water, but soaked and hypothermic. I put him in a box on a heat mat and he had fully recovered in a few hours. I was trying to move the box he was in out of the shed to release him when he escaped. He spent about 10 minutes zooming around in the shed, knocking things off shelves, before he finally saw the open door and left. Naughty Cuckoo Bird!

Poco’s little friend, Chico, had a mild colic one morning, he was lying down and not interested in eating. We gave him some milk of magnesia in a bit of rabbit food (tempting enough to get him to eat it) and he had recovered within an hour. Our vet says to try milk of magnesia first, unless the animal is really in distress. Even then, he says to try it while waiting for the vet to arrive. Chico is more than 30 years old, which is very old for a mini donkey.

Chico & Poco

Dakota, a 28 year old mustang, is blooming & gaining weight on some PQQ, a supplement which treats mitochondrial dysfunction, which most chronically ill people and animals suffer from. We also believe she has Valley Fever & is on an herbal product that helps with that. She came to us 3 years ago after being injured by another horse at her old home. She is now active, moving well and cheerful. It had been very hard to keep weight on her and she had signs of joint and muscle discomfort and was cranky.


We seem to have a bumper crop of rattlers this year, having to deal with 3 of them in the past 2 weeks. We have 4 solar powered repellers around the house and have been using Snake Mace again this year. The few who have crossed over the herbal Snake Mace have been dazed and pretty much incapacitated, as it affects their sense of smell and orientation. This is a good time to share a discovery we made more than 10 years ago . I asked Dr. Sara Jernigan if someone might be able to research this, as herbal remedies are used worldwide to treat venomous snake bites. She has sent my observations to someone who might be able to prove their validity.

At any rate, we are glad we built the 4 snake-proof rabbit pens and thankful that Buddy seems to be snake-wise. I, myself, take so much Jernigan Antitox for my Lyme disease that I am probably immune to snake venom… or at least I tell myself.

On a sad note, we lost Stripey, the rather aggressive, old Barbados ram. Stripey was an older Barbados ram whose owner could no longer afford him. He joined us June 23, 2015. Stripey was very aggressive and dangerous around humans and Rambeau became afraid of him, so they had adjoining pens. Stripey’s problem was that his owner of 7 years had never neutered him. He was too old to do so when he came here & the vet said it would not stop his aggression at that age. It was not his fault. He had arrived here emaciated, so probably had not gotten very good care. In the past 2 months, Stripey was going downhill, arthritic & losing weight. We kept him going on concentrates & joint supplements, but he went down one evening and I found him, barely conscious. It was time to let him go. Poor old, ornery guy.

The horses & burros are doing well on pure hay pellets. A few who had trouble keeping weight on are in good flesh. Everyone is shiny, active & playful.

Diego is now 24 and look at him. He had a rough life for his first 20 years and is proof that space, companionship & good nutrition can do wonders, despite his chronic hoof conditions and lack of care in his past.

It isn’t a newsletter without a Poco song.

We have a wonderful supporter who has offered to match all donations made in the next 3 months so we will be ready for our next purchase of pellets and other things like supplements and future veterinary bills.

Your donations allow us to provide a safe & happy home to 12 horses, 4 burros, 5 bunnies, a sheep & Buddy, the dog. Thank you!


Cathy & The Gang

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April 23 rd


January 21, 2011 News

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All the JERAS gang are doing well. The horses are enjoying the winter weather. Patty and Shyla, the dogs who arrived in December, have settled in well. Patty is much calmer and happy now that her thyroid disease is being treated. Her low thyroid was missed by vets over a 4 year period and several different homes. This caused her to be anxious and aggressive, resulting in her running away from home and being abandoned at shelters. Shyla has recovered from the kennel cough she arrived with. Despite it being very contagious, only Bear developed a slight cough that lasted a mere 2 days. I do a lot to strengthen the animal’s immune systems. In fact, we have website pages devoted to horse and dog health. Please visit and share them.
Much of my time, after caring for the ranch animals, is devoted to educating others via networking about animal care and health issues. I can at least tell others what works for us. Dealing with years of my own chronic illness has taught me a lot.
I also spent several hours a day networking animals about to be killed at shelters. Sometimes it means copying/pasting the animal’s picture and info onto an email and then Googling for local rescues or specific breed rescues in that animal’s area. These emails save lives. It is very gratifying to get a message back telling me that the shared information has just saved an innocent life. I also post animals to Facebook pages devoted to a particular breed. A lot of breed rescues also help with even part-bred animals, so it is always worth the effort for me to at least try.
Once again, thank you for your support. These animals depend on you and I am grateful that you care.
Cathy & The Gang
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Last month, we wrote about mitochondrial dysfunction, chronic illness, and how taking supplements to help mitochondrial function have helped me & a few of my friends. I only stumbled upon the subject because I was trying to help Buddy with his behavioral issues. It was all new to me. Well, Buddy, a senior dog, had spent 4 months at the shelter, was adopted out twice & returned twice. Between the shelter and one of the adopter’s vets, he received a whopping 11 vaccinations in that 4 month period. He also had serious dental disease that had been ignored. The shelter said he had become more fearful over time. We started him on a few supplements shown to help mito function a year ago & he was doing well and was doing 1 & 1/2 mile outings daily until he got a legally required rabies booster this past January. Within days, he only wanted to go 1/4 mile and was not feeling up to par. Blood work showed nothing seriously out of normal. We added a few more mito supplements and they pulled him out of the slump just in time for him to have another carnassial tooth extraction last month. He is now doing a mile a day, seems stronger and is calmer and less fearful. Vaccine components can cause mito dysfunction.

Mito dysfunction is involved with a myriad of mental and physical illnesses and also common in chronic pain conditions.

At any rate, this is something most vets and doctors know little, if anything, about. You don’t need fancy diagnostics. If you or you pet are unwell, try a few supplements. We always google the supplement/the species to be sure using anything is safe.

Well, Poco has become a nesting donor! Our friend was over here and saw a raven sitting on his back, plucking out winter hair. Poco did not seem to mind.

We also sawed off Poco’s excess hoof material a few weeks ago.

As always, Poco does a lot of singing.

The lizards (food) are out and Cuckoo Bird (roadrunner) had disappeared, but came by once to sit on the roof and coo to me for a few minutes.

Well, big surprise. The black bunny who showed up here was a pregnant female. She now has a litter of 6 who are two weeks old. Lo and behold, another bunny showed up & was hanging around with no apparent intention of returning home (neighbors). So, I expanded my bunny pen project and we now have 4 pens, all bunnies are happy. This is Snowflake, whom we think is a young male.

Our gigantic resident gopher snake has been around, usually comes out from under house where he has probably decimated the kangaroo rat population. Our rabbit pens were built to keep out rattlers, as they are not good climbers. Gopher snakes will not bother big adult rabbits, but the babies were unexpected. “Kaa” has cruised around the outside of the rabbit pens a few times, but never even bothered attempting to scale the 3 foot mesh fence while I was watching. So, everyone seems to be safe. He may be too fat for climbing. We love our non venomous snakes because they control small rodents and also deter rattlers.

The horses are all doing great on hay pellets and are almost shed out with nice, shiny coats.

Diego (24) and Penny (29) mutual grooming

Happy, healthy horses like to play, even the seniors. This is Diego (24) and Red (25).

We have another delivery of hay pellets coming in the next week or so and truly appreciate your support. Your donations allow us to provide a safe & happy home to 12 horses, 4 burros, 2 sheep & 4 bunnies,


Cathy & The Gang

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