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Journey’s End Ranch January 17, 2019 Newsletter

Our winter has been mild so far, with just a few nights in the 20s. We got more than 1 & 1/2 inches of rain this week with more on the way.

Buddy is really enjoying his daily “walk” with the electric scooter. He leads the way at a steady trot and we are going 1 & 1/2 miles. He then takes a long snooze.

The young roadrunner shows up almost daily for a meal. There really is not much natural food for them in this weather as they mainly eat reptiles and bugs.

We now have 10 horses and burros between the ages of 20 and 31. Lucky turns 20 this year and is a BLM mustang who was literally dumped on the side of a Ca. highway in 2013. He ended up at an animal shelter and was going to be put down because he is not usable due to fairly severe ringbone in his front feet. He does have saddle scars, so someone used him up and then dumped him. With proper nutrition and room to move 24/7, he does very well.

Diego turns 24 this year and also is doing well despite a history of chronic laminitis and a foot with pedal osteitis.

Here were the old horses playing Christmas eve.

Stripey, the old and dangerously aggressive Barbados ram, was getting very arthritic and losing weight. We started him on some grain and joint supplements and he is bouncing back. He arrived 4 years ago and was already 7. His previous owner stated he “plays rough.” He actually would batter you to death if given a chance. He must be tied up to clean his pen or trim his feet.


Both sheep love their daily graham cracker. Rambeau is also old and has “old sheep” teeth.

Smiley Rambeau

I can no longer tolerate handling hay because of the Valley Fever/lung issues I have, so we will be switching to hay pellets. We already have some horses on these same pellets- no binders or additives. Our hay guy deals with the milling company and can bring us 10- 1500# bags every 2 months. We will store them in the hay shed as soon as the hay is used up, mid February. They are a bit more expensive than hay, but there will be no waste and they are more digestible.

It would not be a newsletter without a song from Poco. He is 16 this year.

Thank you for your support! We depend on your donations and sharing our news to continue providing a safe and happy home to 17 equines, 2 sheep, 2 rabbits and Buddy the dog.

Cathy & the Gang

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December 17 th


Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter Dec.17, 2018

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Journey’s End Ranch Newsletter Dec.17, 2018

What a month we had! Diego came up with a cough and snotty nose. We spoke to our veterinarian who told us there was a strep equi infection spreading around and some of the horses  that had tested positive for the bacteria had no contact with other horses other than their herd mates. We are double fenced, so ours cannot even get close to wild horses or people out riding. Strep equi can cause infections ranging from mild to full blown strangles. Some horses are immune or have some immunity. Over a ten day period, we had to treat 5 horses and one burro with penicillin injections. We did not have the vet out, as he said it was not needed as long as the injections were working and no one was very sick. Everyone has recovered now. We had locked Rusty into the corral because he had the worst cough and we wanted him to rest away from the 5 mustangs he lives with. The day he was turned back out caused them to get excited and everyone was running & playing.


Poco has been very vocal every day.

We now have a very hungry juvenile road runner to feed. They mainly exist on reptiles, bugs, and small rodents and birds, but it apparently was not getting enough. There are few bugs now and no reptiles.I read they will eat 10% of their diet in seeds in winter, but this one is not interested in bird seed.

Buddy has been enjoying a mile of trotting (he sets the pace) with the electric scooter I bought, which is something I could never do on foot.

Buddy relaxing after his outing

Our weather has been mild, most nights staying above freezing, so no ice to deal with. Days have been in the 50s.

We’d like to thank our supporters and wish everyone Happy Holidays, a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Love,Cathy & the Gang

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Journey’s End Ranch November 18, 2018 Newsletter

This probably won’t be much of a newsletter as I am too saddened by the fire in Paradise, Ca. I lived 20 miles south of that beautiful town from 1978-93 and have many memories of days spent up there. As of now, >70 are confirmed dead and > 1200 missing people and many animals dead, injured and missing. There are groups on Facebook sharing info & I am spending a lot of time doing that. It is gut-wrenching.

On a brighter note, I decided to borrow on my home equity to get  an electric scooter so I can take Buddy for a decent walk and not be limping along behind him. I got a great deal on this from Gold Medical, $800 less than most sellers. Buddy caught right on. This morning, I took him on foot & he kept looking back at me as if to say, “can’t you go any faster?”

Electric scooter


I was also able to wean Buddy off Elavil after starting just 2-3 drops a day of Medterra CBD oil. He is calmer, happier and less anxiety. Much thanks to our friends who recommended it last month!

Buddy relaxing afer an outing

I had a handle break off a pot with hot water I was carrying and ended up with second degree burns on my left foot. Never a dull moment…

We found out that Apple does not support the video camera we have, thus the on & off ability to use I-Movie. It worked for a few months but then got worse and finally quit. We have been able to take short clips with the Canon camera we use for still pics.

Poco was happy to be able to share his songs again.

The colder weather has all the wild birds very hungry.

The horses are more active, too. This is 3 of the seniors, aged 19-24.

..and more play time

Warrior is now our most senior horse, and will be turning 30. He is a formerly wild mustang, seized by the authorities for abuse in 2012 and then ended up at a municipal shelter & was about to be euthanized. He has a bad knee, narcolepsy and has survived 3 strokes. He still lives up to his name.


We got 256 bales of Bermuda hay which will last > 3 months.

Nov. 3 hay delivery

Many thanks to our donors and to all our Facebook friends who did Birthday Fundraisers for us! Thank you to our wonderful benefactor who matched donations, too!

You can check out our affiliates page for Holiday gifts which sales benefit us, too.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Love, Cathy & The Gang

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