For years, we had 8- 10 dogs at our animal rescue. I ended up finding out I am severely allergic to dogs and had been “masked” to my allergies, but the dander had been causing severe inflammation. A veterinarian/researcher at Cambridge University found the dog dander protein that causes these life threatening reactions.  Dander sets off  “TLR4’s” in certain people. She has told me that she is working with drug companies to develop a TLR4 blocker drug and might have something in about 5 years. These toll like receptors are involved in many inflammatory diseases- IBD, asthma, brain allergies, chemical sensitivities, and more. In June of 2014, my reactions escalated and were life threatening. We had to part with the 8 dogs we had, some were not placeable due to age, behavior and health issues. It was the worst thing I have dealt with in my 60 years. I am beyond heartbroken and devastated, but there are 23 equines and two sheep depending on me, so life must go on. Another small local sanctuary took anyone they could and we thank them. We are continuing to support them.

We spend a lot of time networking and finding forever homes for homeless dogs. We fostered and rehabbed about 10 dogs in the past 4 years and sent them on to new homes. By networking to my list of thousands of dog lovers, we help find homes for many more dogs. We also “pull” dogs from death row at shelters and coordinate transport to new, loving homes.

What are you feeding your dog?

Another site where consumers review foods.

A site which reviews foods and has a list of dangerous foods not to feed your dog-

Newer vaccination guidelines:
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We urge everyone to support The Rabies Challenge Fund research project.

Dr. Dodds has a new book out- available on Amazon:

“The Canine Thyroid Epidemic”

In addition to low thyroid, LYME disease can also cause unexplained aggression. Click here to read more.

JERAS would like to thank the Petco Foundation for donating a large amount  of Wellness Dog Food to us to feed our 3 allergy-prone dogs

JERAS would like to thank the Pedigree Foundation for the grants we received in 2010 & 2011. It was very helpful to us and purchased a lot of dog food. Pedigree really cares about dogs and dog rescues!

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JERAS is thankful to for the donation of 2 great Flexi lead

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