Tribute to Animal Friends of our Friends

This page is to honor our friends’ animal companions who have passed on.

Bonnie Bates (our VP) with her wonderful dog, Tippy

Bonnie & Tippy

Our Norwegian friend and supporter, Nina, shared many years with her beloved Lhasa Apso, Nikita

Nikita Iversen

Our friend, supporter and zeolite distributer, Micah, shared many wonderful years with his best friend, Madison (1/19/1994-7/24/2011). Madison is sorely missed, as he was a very special cat.


Our friend and supporter, Barbara Steele, misses her beloved Muffin, who recently passed away at 11 years of age.

Our supporters and family members, Anne Massey and Jeanne Johnston, cherish their memories of their golden retriever, Truckee

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