I saw Missy on Facebook in a Kentucky shelter and marked “very urgent”. Her owner had dumped her at one shelter, then the manager quit and the county was going to kill all the animals. A neighboring county took them in, but was then bursting at the seams themselves. JERAS offered to sponsor her- pay for her vaccinations, spay, microchip and heartworm test. We posted this all over, told the shelter and even had our cousin, Annie, a university dean in nearby Indiana try to find her a home. No luck. We did not want to see her die after all the effort made, so we posted her to uship.com. She arrived here a week later. She was born in 2007.

She  arrived here 9/14/10 and we sent out a blood sample to check her thyroid and to recheck her HW status, as we got conflicting reports from the test done at the shelter. Hemopet.org found no heartworm and normal thyroid results. She is very sweet and very shy. She is about four years old and has had pups in the past. She also had a uterine infection and feels much healthier after being spayed. She and Rainy act like long-lost sisters.

Missy’s became more and more moody over 6 months and we then discovered she actually was low thyroid. Putting her on thyroxine has made a huge difference- she is active and happy now.  According to Jean Dodds, DVM and renowned thyroid researcher, some dogs display behavioral problems before the lab tests show they are developing thyroid disease.

We believe Missy may be a “black mouth cur”, a breed known in the Southern United States and used as an all-round dog for herding and protection.


Because of my escalating allergies to  dogs, we had to part with Missy in May 2014. She went to live at another small sanctuary about 30 miles from here and is very happy there. She lives with 9 other dogs and even some cats.    http://lastchanceranchsanctuary.org   We are very grateful to Annie for giving her a loving home.


Missy with a new fiend, a blind cat

Missy with a new fiend, a blind cat

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Missy playing with a new friend

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