Tara joined us in January 2010. She had lived ten years on a short chain with very little shelter. She was obviously ill and had lost most of her hair and was emaciated. After two years of begging my neighbor, he let her move in with us.

After a year of good nutrition, a warm bed, dietary supplements and medical care, she is thriving and has gained 10 pounds. Tara was low thyroid and thyroxine started her on the road to recovery. She also had a longstanding pyometra (uterine infection) and had to be spayed. It was very expensive surgery and we are thankful to our internet and Facebook friends for helping with the expense. She is a Siberian husky.

Recent blood work (Oct. 2011) told us that Tara’s kidneys and liver are functioning well and that we had to reduce her thyroid medication, as it seems her thyroid function is returning with the good care she has received for the past 22 months. She is now 12 years old and very active…………….

Feb. 22, 2012 update. In late January, 2012, we noticed a lump near Tara’s anus. The vet thought it was benign, but within 3 weeks, it had grown & ulcerated. It was a perianal adenoma, and a fast growing, cancerous one that had spread to her mammary tissue and probably lymph nodes. We had no choice but to let her pass peacefully & with dignity. They are fed by hormones, and the fact that her former owner had never spayed her and horribly neglected her probably were great contributors to her demise.  She certainly had deserved a lot better.

We regret not being able to bring Tara here 2 years earlier, as we had begged. She is sorely missed, especially by Rainy. We are leaving her page here and invite you to visit our blog about her, telling her whole story. Please let Tara’s story of a lifetime of abuse encourage you to take action in your community. Thank you.


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