What your donations accomplish

Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary is housed on Cathy’s 24 acres at no cost to the sanctuary. Therefore, all donations go directly to the animals’ care, with the exception of some office supplies. Cathy does not get paid for the work she does caring for the animals. She does much of the vetting and the hoof trimming, too.

$30.00 will buy a new hoof rasp for the hoof trimming that Cathy does herself.

$30.00 will feed the numerous wild quail, doves, rabbits and ravens we feed for a month.

$20.00 will feed Rambeau, the Barbados sheep, for a month.

$10.00 buys 50# of hay pellets, which will feed a horse for 3 days.

$20 will buy a month of nutritional supplements & psyllium for a horse

$10 will feed one of our 5 bunnies for a month. They get rabbit pellets, hay, carrots and some lettuce.

1500# bags of hay pellets

$40.00 will supply a burro with feed and vitamins for a month.

Poco singing

Red(25) and Diego (24) playing

Scooter, rescued bunny

$175.00 will cover a ranch call when we need the vet to come (not very often, as good management is the best medicine).

$208.00 will cover the cost of a dental for one equine.

We are a Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization.