Horses & Burros

Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Please Sponsor a Horse or Sponsor a Burro!

We take in homeless, abused & abandoned horses and burros and give them a good life. Our support comes from generous folks like you. Could you sponsor a horse or burro? Every little bit helps!




Jo, Pepito & Serena

3 of our rescued mustangs

Here are the JERAS horses having some fun

We would like to thank Davis Manufacturing for soaking and bell boots

We would like to thank Easycare  Inc.for hoof boots

We are very grateful to the ASPCA for the $2,500. hay grant we received in 2012. With rising feed costs, it was a huge help to us.

Yay, Hay !

CoolStance-This is a great product, which we have had donated to us for the old stallion. It is low nsc and very nutritious and delicious, too!


We are a Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization.