In late June, 2012, we were asked to take in a 15 year old mustang mare because her owners of 8 months were going back East for some time. Cheyenne is a beautiful horse, but has not allowed people to handle her despite being captured in 2001. She will eat from your hand, but that is all.  She was with BLM for 2 years, then to her first adoptive home for 2 years, returned to BLM, then ended up being bought by a kill buyer and rescued by someone who bought her from the kill buyer. That person had her for 5 years, but developed brain cancer.. She then went to a rescue for two years, then another home for 8 months and now here.  She has become less anxious and is very bonded to Scout. After all this time, she still will not allow us to remove the halter that was put on her by the BLM years ago. We don’t know what happened to her in the past, but she was severely traumatized by humans. We have been able to give her some of the peace and happiness she deserves as a member of our small mustang herd.

Update 2016, the  halter finally fell off. Hooray!

Summer 2018. Cheyenne is now 21 and still chooses to always stay close to Scout and does not want much to do with the other mares or gelding. They are truly inseparable.



Cheyenne & Scout

Cheyenne & Scout


Cheyenne after 3 years with us

Cheyenne after 3 years with us


Cheyenne, very bonded with Scout


Cheyenne, naked at last

May 2018, 21 years old

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