Little Rusty (formerly Flash)


Flash was born in the BLM corrals at Salt Lake in 2001. He was eventually adopted by someone in Kentucky. In 2009, he went through an auction in Kentucky, then passed through several owners until someone in S. California bought him in early 2011. He had passed through 4 owners in 2 years. The woman in Ca. bought him because he was at risk and in bad shape (photo above), but then neglected him further. She could no longer  keep him, and offered him to us. He came to us in  summer 2011 with badly infected hooves and still 100 pounds underweight. Now that his hooves have been rehabilitated and he is no longer in pain, it turns out he is quite lively and even high spirited and spooky.


By late September and Flash, now “Rusty”, was doing great. He has gained about 100 pounds and has had about 8 hoof soakings/trims and his feet look great. There is still dead, infected hoof tissue that has to be removed weekly, as his hooves grow out.  The infection went much deeper than I originally had thought. As of Jan. 2012, he is doing well and adjusting to herd life. At first, he was attacking the other horses, but it was out of fear and defensiveness…


2017 Rusty is doing great, he still prefers humans to other horses for some reason.

Rusty after getting hosed off

Rusty 2017

Rusty loves being hosed off & rolling in the sand.

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