In Memory of Warrior

Warrior Feb. 2017


Warrior arrived in Nov. 2012. He had been seized from an abuser in California & ended up at the Riverside animal control shelter. He was a 23 year old mustang and was crippled with a bad knee. He was going to be put down, but our friend, Donna, helped save him & get him to us. He had a sponsor, Jackie, who helped with his upkeep.

Warrior was very wary of people, but once he was haltered, was very well behaved. He had arthritis, lumps & bumps, and even had a torn nostril. We will never know what abuse and neglect he endured.

We discovered he had a gut full of sand, which we were never able to mobilize, despite various treatments. He had narcolepsy. He had 3 strokes, which we luckily saw right away & got injections of steroids into him to stop the brain swelling. He walked with a limp, but never let it slow him down too much.

In March of 2015, we tried to introduce a new rescue gelding to Warrior’s group and he would not allow it. Here he was, age 26, with bad knees..

When Warrior and the mare, Penny, could no longer chew hay & had to be fed hay pellets, we separated them across the fence from 4 other geldings and a mustang mare, Dakota. One morning, we discovered Dakota had jumped through the electric wire to join Warrior. He ended up with 2 mares and the other 4 geldings had none.

In Jan. 2019, Warrior’s “better” front knee gave out. After several weeks of additional joint supplements and an anti-inflammatory, he was no better. He was still cheerful, it seemed like the issue was more mechanical than pain. One day, he just could not walk anymore. We took feed and water to him & the mares spent the day with him. Our vet came out and Warrior passed peacefully. He is sorely missed.

Here was Warrior having breakfast on his last day, very calm and content.

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